Nov. 01, 2019 UPDATE

Join us for a Sharing Kyoto Tour!

The Sharing Kyoto team will be bringing you tours of Kyoto based on their personal fields of expertise.
Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Hi everyone! It’s Yumemi from the Sharing Kyoto editorial team!

Here at Sharing Kyoto, we have recently decided to start offering tours aimed at overseas visitors, and in this article, we'll be letting you in on the kinds of tours we'll be running and exactly what we’ll be getting up to on them!

● What are Sharing Kyoto Tours?

What are Sharing Kyoto Tours?The Sharing Kyoto Tours are a set of mini-tours that the Sharing Kyoto team have put together to introduce overseas visitors to our favorite things about the ancient city.

At Sharing Kyoto we write our articles with the sentiment that “as visitors have come all this way, we want them to see what Kyoto really has to offer and have experiences that will leave lasting impressions.”

However, after thinking about how to get more people to know about all the different ways of enjoying Kyoto, we decided the best way to find out would be to set up tours and ask you directly.

Through our Kyotoite led tours, you’ll be able to discover a deeper side of Kyoto you won’t see in any guidebooks and enjoy a sense of surprise and awe unlike the regular tours out there.

Join us as we discover the magic of the lesser known side of Kyoto!

● Sharing Kyoto Tour Highlights

Sharing Kyoto Tour HighlightsWhat we’ll be focusing on most during the Sharing Kyoto Tours is our “Kyoto-ai,” or love for Kyoto.

Whether it be Ramen, Japanese Sake, or Shrines, our team members all show their  “Kyoto-ai” in differnet ways.

On their tours, the Sharing Kyoto team will work hard and try their best to convey their own personal “Kyoto-ai” to everyone there. 


As we’re so passionate about each of our own individual things, there might be times when we get just a tad bit excited; however, we simply see that as proof that those wanting to learn more about the real Kyoto are going to walk away satisfied.

Through our tours, we also hope to gradually have more visitors fall in love with Kyoto and find places they would want to come back to time and time again.

● Tour Descriptions

Tour DescriptionsAs our tours are a chance to connect and share the magic of Kyoto with everyone, the entire editorial team couldn’t be more excited! 

We have three separate tours, all of which contain interesting and exciting activities and reflect the personalities of each team member.

① Join our editor-in-chief to down some of Kyoto’s best Ramen, with a side of learning.

Kyoto’s best RamenOn this tour, our editor-in-chief Yamasaki–who’s incessant love affair with Kyoto Ramen sees him putting away over 200 bowls a year–will introduce you to his recommended Ramen shops 

Not only will he introduce you to the restaurant itself, but he will also teach you about the origins of Kyoto Ramen, what exactly makes it so unique and talk to you about everything that makes Ramen so deep and exciting.

This tour is perfect for both Ramen lovers and people just wanting to see what kinds of noodles the ancient capital has to offer!

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② Join Shrine Girl and discover the magic of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shimogamo Shrine!

Shrine GirlOn this tour, our resident Shrine Girl, Yumemi–who has visited over 100 shrines alone–will introduce you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Shimogamo Shrine.

In addition to introducing you to the magic of the Shimogamo Shrine, Shrine Girl will also give you a fun and easy to understand explanation of the proper way to pray and other essential facts about Japan’s Shinto shrines.

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③ Teramachi Street Mystery Tour w/ locals

Teramachi Street Mystery TourStroll through the wonders of the street, Teramachi-dori.

"What's this?" "How do you use this" - Kyotoites Miyabi and Vanessa are here to answer any and all questions!

This tour is for those fretting over souvenirs and those with somewhere they don't have the confidence to visit alone.

Teramachi-dori is home to a plethora of stores.

Among them, we'll show you to everything from tea and Kyoto veggie shops, to sake, craft beer, antiques, tableware, clothing, hats, and shoe shops.

Jump on this tour and let's find the perfect Kyoto souvenir for you!

During the tour, we'll also take a break to enjoy a tasting of four teas at a Japanese tea shop and take a break at an old Kyoto cafe.

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A comment from the staff
All of our tours are uniquely interesting and led by our Kyoto loving and Kyoto residing team members. If you’re at all interested, please head over to the details page and make a booking today! We can’t wait to see you here in the beautiful ancient capital of Kyoto soon!

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