Feb. 07, 2019 UPDATE

We took part in a sushi making experience at Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar

Taking part in the Sushi Seminar opens many doors, meaning you get to have sushi parties at home with authentic Japanese sushi you make yourself!
Sampo[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Sushi may not be something Kyoto is famous for, but I’m sure most people coming to Kyoto are interested in it. And while sushi is common around the world, not many of us know the proper way of making a piece of sushi. This is where Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar steps in. 

Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar is located inside the new shopping center Kyoto Tower Sando, which itself can be found in the same building as Kyoto Tower. Kyoto Tower Sando is known as a nice place to buy souvenirs, but you can also experience things like sushi making at the shopping center. 

choose your happi coatFirst, you get to choose your happi coat. These are colorful coats which are often worn by people working in traditional Japanese shops and restaurants. 

blue and pink happiI chose the blue one, while Vanessa went for the pink one. 

put on the hachimaki headbandNext, you put on the hachimaki headband, and you’re good to go. The headband is optional so if you don’t like it you don’t have to wear it. 

time to take some picturesSo, time to take some pictures in front of the Chinese characters for fish! There are so many it’s quite hard to remember them all…

wash your handsBefore making sushi you, of course, have to wash your hands. 

wear disposable plastic glovesAnd wear disposable plastic gloves. 

making sushiAnd then you get to start making sushi right away! The hardest part about making sushi is shaping the rice, as you have to be gentle with it. If you press the rice too hard your sushi will become hard. 

16 to 18 gramsThe correct amount of rice for one piece of sushi is 16 to 18 grams. That is 0.56 to 0.63 ounces for our American readers. 

In the picture, you can see the fish, or neta in Japanese, that I had. This set is the 3,000 yen (+tax) one, in which you get to make 12 pieces of sushi. They also have a 2,000 yen (+tax) plan with 8 pieces and a 10 piece plan for 2,500 yen (+tax).

hard to get the sushi rice pieces to be the same sizeVanessa thought that making sushi was quite difficult, as it was hard to get the sushi rice pieces to be the same size. 

make the “gunkan”But when she got to make the “gunkan” sushi which is lined with seaweed and topped with, in this case, crab meat, everything went perfectly for her. Now Vanessa is already planning to hold a sushi party!

finished product And here is what the finished product looked like! It’s not easy to line up the sushi pieces in a beautiful way, but the sushi did look better than we expected. 

wasabi and soy sauceThen it’s time to eat the sushi! They have wasabi and soy sauce for the sushi, and what’s even better, they have low sodium soy sauce available too. 

itadakimasuRemember to say “itadakimasu!” before you start eating! That’s the proper Japanese way. 


You can eat the sushiYou can eat the sushi either by using your hands or with chopsticks. You also get a bottle of tea and a cup of miso soup to go with it. 

sushi lollipopsYou don’t need to leave empty-handed, as you get a certificate, a kitchen towel, and sushi lollipops for your participation. 

Vanessa and Sampo This sushi lesson is held five times a day so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting it into your schedule. You should make a reservation at least a day before either by telephone or at Kyoto Tower Sando. 

A comment from the staff
Every time I go to a sushi restaurant I feel like making sushi must be a kind of magic, as the hands of the sushi chef just move so quickly, but it also looked very easy for him. This time I got to experience sushi making myself, and I found out that making sushi is not that easy. It really takes time to learn how to do it properly. But this was a good start, and this experience is especially great for those traveling with children, as anyone can take part in the experience! So come try your hand at sushi making!

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