Feb. 07, 2019 UPDATE

There’s a new shopping center called Toni Toni right next to Heian Shrine

Toni Toni is a new shopping center named after Jidai Matsuri right next to Heian Shrine containing many nice restaurants and shops.
Sampo[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]

Toni Toni is a new shopping center right next to Heian Shrine. Inside it, you can find many shops, but it’s almost kind of like a food court, you can find all kinds of Kyoto specialties to eat too, like matcha takoyaki (octopus balls). 

Toni ToniToni Toni opened on 20 of December, but we were there a day early, as we had been very kindly invited to attend the press event by Wargo, the company famous for their kimono rental service and hair accessories. 


shopping centerInside the completely new shopping center you can see that they sell all kinds of souvenirs, especially food souvenirs. You can everything from Kyoto’s tsukemono pickles to hair dryers at this shopping center. 

yatsuhashiYou can, of course, find such classics as yatsuhashi, which are confectionaries made from rice flour, kind of like Japanese cinnamon cookies. 

Kyoto Beauty ParfaitBut there are newcomers too, like this Kyoto Beauty Parfait born out of a French-Japanese collaboration effort. The sembei cookie you can see on top was especially good! You can get it with three fruits of your choice, but we got it with three fruits + strawberry. The parfait cost us 850 yen. 

takoyaki Next, we headed to a restaurant serving udon and takoyaki and had to try their matcha takoyaki. It was the first time for us to see green takoyaki on sale! 

condensed milk on the takoyakiThe surprises don’t end there: you get to pour condensed milk on the takoyaki! This makes the takoyaki a sweet you won’t forget, but I’d still recommend choosing mayonnaise instead of condensed milk. 

Wargo’s storesThen we went to take a look at Wargo’s stores at Toni Toni, and they actually have two here: Hashiya Mansaku specializing in chopsticks and Hokusai Graphic which specializes in umbrellas. 

chopsticksAs they sell chopsticks, you can also try your chopstick skills with red beans. The beans are small, round, and surprisingly slippery, so catching them is difficult. They have chopsticks of different shapes and sizes so you can test which ones work the best for you. 

beansI did manage to catch one in the end by using these short square chopsticks. They also have some bigger beans for you to try the chopsticks if you find these small red azuki beans to be too difficult to catch. 

Kyoto-style kara-age chickenThere are many other restaurants and food stalls too, but we decided to try some Kyoto-style kara-age chicken. Not bad!

daruma-dollsOn the second floor, you can find a big tax-free shop selling everything from green tea sweets to rice cookers. They also have really many daruma-dolls on display, some of them quite big. 

matcha powderYou can even get matcha powder inside a daruma doll. 

Japanese consumer electronicsNot to forget Japanese consumer electronics. The ones sold here are made for the foreign market, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding electronics that work with the voltage of your country. And it’s all tax-free. 

A comment from the staff
This shopping center may seem a bit of an overly consumeristic thing to build right next to Heian Shrine, but in Japan what’s important is that the building fits into the scenery. And this Toni Toni does very well, as the building looks very traditional. The name Toni Toni comes from Heian Shrine’s main event, Jidai Matsuri, which is held every year on 22 of October. October being the 10th month of the year, the Japanese way of writing this would be ten-two-ten-two, thus the name.

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