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Sharing our experiences in Kyoto to the world, from the autumn leaves to the Gion Festival(Page4).

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We took part in a sushi making experience at Daiki Suisan’s Sushi Seminar

Taking part in the Sushi Seminar opens many doors, meaning you get to have sushi parties at home with authentic Japanese sushi you make yourself!
Sampo Jul. 29, 2018
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How to line up for Ruriko-in Temple’s autumn leaves

Going to Ruriko-in Temple means a lot of time spent lining up, but in the end, the autumn leaves really are worth it.
Sampo Jan. 14, 2018
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Admiring the 2017 night illuminations at Chion-in Temple and Yasaka Shrine

The illuminated autumn leaves make for a romantic sight. The illumination event at Chion-in is something you can’t miss. Let’s go see some autumn leaves at night!
Vanessa Nov. 10, 2018
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2017 Pilgrimage to the holiest of the autumn leaves spots in Kyoto: Mount Takao!

My first trip to Takao, and although it’s very cold up in the mountains, the autumn leaves were so pretty I forgot about everything else! But remember to wear walking shoes and warm clothes when you go up the mountains!
Vanessa Sep. 22, 2018
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Enchanted Time with Maiko in the heart of Kyoto, Gion!

Getting to meet a real geisha, even a maiko, is really difficult. This is why Enchanted Time with Maiko is a great experience!
Sampo Dec. 05, 2018
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Aya Ueto at the Art Aquarium press event at Nijo Castle

At the press event of Art Aquarium we got to see both Aya Ueto and the mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa!
Sampo Nov. 08, 2017
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We made our own ramen at the Ramen Factory

Ramen Factory is a new ramen place in Kyoto where you get to make your ramen by yourself
Sampo Dec. 12, 2017
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We went to the One Piece exhibition at Daikaku-ji Temple

The One Piece exhibition taking place at Daikaku-ji Temple in October 2017 is a true must-see in Kyoto!
Sampo Jul. 12, 2018
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A new gastro pub opened in Kyoto on September 7, 2017, Spring Valley Brewery!

A new gastro pub near Nishiki Market with six types of beers on tap and Japanese-western fusion cuisine! Vanessa says cheers!
Vanessa Oct. 29, 2018
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Kit Kats you can only get in Kyoto

Regional limited edition Kit Kats are all the rage in Kyoto, so we had to try both of the Kyoto editions.
Sampo Nov. 24, 2018

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