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Sharing our experiences in Kyoto to the world, from the autumn leaves to the Gion Festival(Page6).

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ROHM Illumination, a family friendly Christmas lights event in Kyoto

The ROHM Illumination event close to ROHM's HQ is the best Christmas lights even there is in Kyoto, plus it's not overly crowded!
Sampo Dec. 12, 2018
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Well-kept secrets of Kyoto autumn leaves that you wish you knew before coming

Autumn leaves season in Kyoto is beautiful but the most popular spots are also really crowded, and this is where Sharing Kyoto can help you!
Shiho Sep. 09, 2017
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Daikon Stew at Senbonshaka-do: Good Health for the Whole Year!

Sharing Kyoto's writers went to have some piping hot radish soup at Senbonshaka-do: it was rather good!
Erika Aug. 22, 2017
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The absolutely best spots to see autumn leaves in Arashiyama!

Sometimes it may be hard to choose where to go in Arashiyama during the autumn leaves season, especially because it's so crowded. But fear not; Sharing Kyoto has all the best spots!
Erika Nov. 09, 2018
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Nijo Castle’s night cherry blossom illumination festival

The beautiful night cherry blossoms illuminated at the World Heritage Site of Nijo Castle; what else could you want?
Sampo May. 14, 2018
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Experience wood engraving at Kyoto Handicraft Center near Heian shrine!

Sharing Kyoto's writers went to experience wood engraving, and it was a bit difficult but fun all the same!
Shiho Apr. 18, 2017
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One of Kyoto's Big Three Festivals, the Jidai Matsuri reenacts 1,000 years of Japan's history!

Sharing Kyoto's writers went to Jidai Matsuri to experience everything the huge festival has to give!
Erika Sep. 09, 2017
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The splendid Zuiki Matsuri catches the eyes of spectators

The luxurious portable shrines made with colorful vegetables were so pretty all of us at Sharing Kyoto were surprised!
Erika Sep. 19, 2018
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Takase River Boat Festival is a fun festival for all ages

Sharing Kyoto's writers went to Takase River Boat Festival to see if it's really so much fun as we had heard!
Erika Apr. 18, 2017
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Part 2: 6 ways to further enjoy the elegant autumn Kangetsu no Yube moon viewing event

Second part! Sharing Kyoto's writers went to Kangetsu no Yube moon viewing party to view and bark at the moon!
Erika Sep. 07, 2018

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