The best restaurants in Kyoto

Kyoto has the best kaiseki restaurants in Japan, but Kyoto is not only about kaiseki, sushi, and tofu.
Sharing Kyoto also features the best places to have a pint and some yakitori.

What’s happening in Kyoto

The Best Cold Soba Noodles for Hot Summer Days in Kyoto
Geographically speaking, Kyoto is situated inside a basin. This means that during the summer, hot air struggles to escape and makes it humid and muggy. That’s why Kyoto locals love cold soba noodles so much, because they get inside you and cool you down from within. In this article, Sharing Kyoto will introduce you to our top picks for the best cold soba restaurants that’ll help you brave the muggy summer months!
More than Just Fushimi Inari – Discover the Fushimi area in this 3 Hour Sightseeing Course!
Beloved by locals, the Fushimi area is home to the world-famous Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. The reason for its popularity is its ease of access from Kyoto station and the Gion District and its quiet atmosphere. However, the Fushimi area is more than just the famous shrine; it’s also a great place to enjoy the non-touristy side of Kyoto and shop, eat and walk with the locals. In this article, we’ll introduce you to an unusual shrine and a shopping street little known to the majority of tourists!
The Best Lunch Restaurants in Kyoto Station, Gion, and Arashiyama!!
Top 5 Lunch Restaurants in Kyoto Station, Gion, and Arashiyama by a Local Foodie.
Discover Kyoto Ramen with Sharing Kyoto’s Editor-in-Chief (Beginners Welcome)
For those ramen heads out there wishing to delve deep into Kyoto ramen, this tour is for you! Join Sharing Kyoto editor-in-chief, Ramen King and devourer of over 300 bowls of ramen a year, Yamasaki-san, as he takes you on a journey to discover authentic Kyoto ramen.

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