Best Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurants in Kyoto

Yakiniku is Japanese BBQ, and you get to grill the meat and offal on your table. In Kyoto there are yakiniku places where you can enjoy Japanese BBQ by the Kamo River, and Sharing Kyoto has the places with the best atmospheres!
3 restaurants were found!
Gion Karoku
Gion & Kiyomizu Temple
Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Wagyu / Steak
7.0 1 reviews
1385 6
Pontocho Yakiniku Yamakawa Honten
Wagyu / Steak Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)
10 1 reviews
Reservation Available
442 2
coupons 1 Free Drink
Kyoto Yakiniku HIRO Kiyamachi
Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Wagyu / Steak
9.3 1 reviews
4280 34

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