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Enjoy seasonal tastes at Kyoto's kaiseki restaurants

Kaiseki cuisine is famous for reflecting the four seasons. I’m going to introduce 5 restaurants in the home ground of Japanese cuisine, Kyoto, where you can enjoy beautiful seasonal kaiseki cuisine.
Enjoy seasonal tastes at Kyoto's kaiseki restaurants

Many people probably think of kaiseki cuisine when they hear the word Kyoto. The most alluring thing about kaiseki besides the taste has to be the way kaiseki reflects the four seasons in the seasonal dishes, tableware, and sometimes by the whole restaurants. If you want to experience something quintessentially Japanese you need to go eat kaiseki cuisine. I’m going to introduce to you five kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto recommended by Sharing Kyoto, which offer beautiful, delicious kaiseki cuisine. 

1Jiki Miyazawa

Jiki Miyazawa is located right next to Nishiki Market, "the kitchen of Kyoto". You can enjoy Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine that makes the most of the ingredients' flavors. Jiki Miyazawa's cuisine is based on simple Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine. ...

2Godan Miyazawa

At Godan Miyazawa, the owner puts his heart and soul into everything, from the food to the decor to the service. While respecting the richness of the ingredients' original flavors, the combination of ingredients and cooking methods are uniquely creative. The exquisite cuisine served in the slightly tense atmosphere of a tea room is so flavorful that you will lose track of time. ...

3Roan Kikunoi Kiyamachi

The clean and fresh wood adorning the inside of the restaurants sets the tone for the traditional Japanese atmosphere they provide. When sitting at the counter seats you can see the skills of the chefs as they work together to prepare the cuisine right before your eyes. ...

4Japanese Cuisine Sakai

If there’s one word that represents Sakai’s food, it’s “care.” The food’s made with all the care imaginable. Their dishes are not flashy or astonishingly novel, but you can truly sense the care and sincerity poured into every aspect. ...

5Gion Moriwaki

The owner of the restaurant, who trained at a first-class hotel in Kyoto and a famous Japanese restaurant, offers dishes that are very reasonably priced despite the use of high-quality ingredients, and they are also really beautiful to look at and taste wonderful. At the counter made of a single piece of cherry wood, you can enjoy seasonal dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients. ...

Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Kyoto is said to be the home of Japanese cuisine, so of course there are many delicious kaiseki restaurants! All of the restaurants I just told you about are great, I can guarantee you that. If you come to Kyoto, having delicious Japanese food in a restaurant with a relaxed Japanese atmosphere is a must-do! I hope you will have a great culinary experience at some of the restaurants I just told you about.
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