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Top 4 tachinomi bars to get intoxicated in Kyoto!

Four tachinomi standing bars in Kyoto that everybody's talking about.
Top 4 tachinomi bars to get intoxicated in Kyoto!

Did you know that tachinomi standing bars are all the vogue in Kyoto right now? It used to be that tachinomi bars were frequented by old men and that they were not very welcoming to women and young people. But new tachinomi standing bars in Kyoto are very welcoming, trendy, and fun! This time I want to tell you about how fun these tachinomi bars can be, so here are my four recommended bars!

1Suiba Shijo-Kawaramachi/ すいば 四条河原町店


First, I have the tachinomi standing bar of Suiba in Shijo-Kawaramachi. This restaurant is so popular that it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular tachinomi standing bar in Kyoto right now. This bar of the chain Suiba opened in 2015, not that long ago. The lighting inside the bar is bright; it is trendy, and easy for women to enter too. 

Delicious, cheap, fast, and fun

The concept of Suiba is “Delicious, cheap, fast, and fun!” In accordance with this concept, a pint of beer is 300 yen. And the food is 150 yen for a plate! Cheap, almost too cheap… The charm of Suiba is not only in the cheapness but also the taste that is so good you can’t believe how cheap the dishes are. They all go well with sake, are delicious, the portions are small so you can eat many types, these dishes are “just right” no matter what way you look at them. 

sake lineup

They also put a lot of thought into their sake lineup, which changes daily. I would like to go to Suiba every day! 


And most importantly, at Suiba the mood is open and fun. You can talk to the guy next to you or chatter with the barman…

3 p.m.

On weekends and national holidays the bar is open for 3 p.m. which is great if you want to start drinking early. The restaurant is behind the department store Kawaramachi OPA, at the end of an alley, so it may be a little bit hard to find, but you should know it from this lantern that has Suiba written on it in hiragana (すいば). This is my number one recommendation among all the tachinomi standing bars in Kyoto!

2Masuya Saketen / 益や酒店
Masuya SaketenIf you want to enjoy drinking out in Kyoto, you can’t leave out this place. This famous restaurant, Masuya Saketen, is a 4-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station.

sake bar

Masuya Saketen is a trendy, authentic sake bar with a nice selection of sake, but they have a standing bar counter too! On weekends this space around the counter is full of people.

bottles of sake

On the wall of the bar you can see one “sho” bottles of sake (1.8 liter bottles) with handwritten explanations by the owner. As expected from a sake bar. 

dishesperfect bar for a sake aficionado

Their food is good, but what is special about this bar is that they always have over 35 types of sake on the menu. This is the perfect bar for a sake aficionado. 

Address !F 426Dainichicho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Open Hours weekdays:5pm - 11:30pm (L.O.) on weekdays Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays:12pm - 11:30pm (L.O.)

3Standing Bar Kyasa / 立ち呑み きゃさ

Standing Bar Kyasa

Next, we have the standing bar Kyasa! This standing bar is in the bar district of Kiyamachi, a very deep part of Kyoto.

delicious dishes

Kyasa is especially popular among women. What makes this bar popular are their cheap but delicious dishes. One other reason may be their unusually great selection of shochu. 

100 yen dishes

These are what Kyasa is famous for 100 yen dishes! These dishes inside the small bowls are only 100 yen a piece, and they all taste great, and there is a lot of variety, and they all taste great, so no matter which one you choose I’m sure you are going to be satisfied! 

kansred noren

The retro and fun standing bar Kyasa is easy to know from their mysterious logo and their red noren curtains. This might be a good place for bar-hopping too.

Address 287, Minamikurumayacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8022
Open Hours 6pm - 2am

4Tachinomi Kokoro / 立ち呑み ココロ

Tachinomi Kokoro

Lastly, we have the newest bar among these four bars, Tachinomi Kokoro! Kokoro just opened in September 2016.

in Kiyamachi

Kokoro is also in Kiyamachi, and it can be found by entering the alley by the Baskin-Robbins in Kawaramachi. 

miso stewsashimi

The recommended dishes at Kokoro are their miso stew and their fresh sashimi, which they get directly from the fishing port in Maizuru. This sashimi was really delicious! 


They have also sake that goes well with sashimi that is not on the menu. Some of the sake they have is rare and hard to find! They also have many other types of alcoholic drinks beside sake. 


Sharing Kyoto’s recommended dish is something everyone going to this bar orders, an “Egg!” After ordering the “Egg,” you get a hot steel place and a raw egg brought to your table. 

You put the raw egg on the plate

You put the raw egg on the plate…

some mixing

And after some mixing, it is ready! You can choose how well done you want the egg yourself, and you can put toppings on it too. The “Egg” in the picture has mentaiko and cheese on it. Toppings cost 20 yen for one topping. This “Egg” was really good and once you start eating it you can’t stop! 

The feeling at the bar is lively and fun

Many of the dishes here bring out the simple deliciousness in the ingredients themselves, and because of this taste really great. The barkeeper and the staff are all friendly and sociable. The feeling at the bar is lively and fun. 


The company running Kokoro has four bars in Kyoto, and all the names of them come from parts of chicken. Kokoro means heart, here the heart of a chicken. Kokoro is the best place to get to know the lively and fun atmosphere of Kyoto’s standing bars. 

Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
I just told you about four tachinomi standing bars in Kyoto. These bars are really a lot of fun. This kind of open and frank atmosphere where you can talk with other customers and the bartenders is something you can only experience at a tachinomi standing bar. Bars, where you can sit down, are of course fun too, but these standing bars have three things going for them, they are delicious, fun, and cheap so I hope you will go to at least some of them!
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