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Enjoy Kyoto with only 10,000 yen a day!

A model itinerary for girls on how to enjoy Kyoto with a budget of 10,000 yen for a day!
Enjoy Kyoto with only yen a day!

I’m going to tell you how to enjoy Kyoto all day for under 10,000 yen! For the girls who want to take Kyoto-like photos, go to delicious restaurants, and also go to temples, Sharing Kyoto’s writer, Shiho, has got a plan for you! I will only tell you about the best restaurants and shops I went to. I will also mark the area and how much money you are likely to spend there! I would be delighted if you use this article when planning your trip to Kyoto.

A great morning starts with delicious breakfast (under 1000 yen)

A great morning starts with delicious breakfast

Now, time to start sightseeing! A great trip starts with great breakfast! So, I have three cafes where you can get your tummy full for under 1000 yen. All of these cafes are great for a refreshing start to a new day.

Area: Shijo to Karasumaoike

Budget: Under 1000 yen

1Matsunosuke kyoto

Matsunosuke kyoto

Next, for those of you who have to have western food for breakfast, Matsunosuke Kyoto!


This shop sells simple American baked goods like pancakes, apple pies, scones, and cookies.


Their famous pancakes are so soft they melt in your mouth! Many people become addicts, but remember to pour maple syrup on it!

town house

The café is located in a renovated town house with a relaxed atmosphere. The café is, like Iemon Salon Kyoto, located a 3-minute walk from subway Karasumaoike Station, so how about having some great breakfast here?

Address 605, Kikkoyacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8105
Open Hours 8:00~18:00 (L.O.17:30)



You don’t have to go to a fancy café to have great breakfast. How about buying some bread and eating it picnic-style by a river?


Kyoto is the city of bread. There are actually many bakeries in Kyoto, and the people of Kyoto eat the most bread in the whole of Japan. All the bread in Kyoto is high-quality, and all of it is delicious! Among them my recommendation is this one, Grandir Oike, a small bakery located next to Kyoto City Hall.

nice smell of breadbread

Grandir is one of the famous bakeries of Kyoto, and it is always full of customers. The bakery is always crammed full of baked goods, and the nice smell of bread being baked always fills the bakery.

bagels paninis

Grandir is famous for its bagels and paninis. The bagels are chewy and have a natural sweetness to them. The paninis are made for order, so you can get hot paninis, which is great!

Kamo River

On a nice day the best place for a picnic is by the Kamo River. This is a perfect way to start a nice day!

Address 480-2 Teramachi-dori Street Oike Agaru Kami Honnojimae-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0925
Open Hours 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Shiho[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
So, all in all we used… Breakfast: 1000 yen Kimono rental: 2,980 yen Sightseeing in Okazaki: 500 yen Lunch: 1,500 yen Sightseeing in Gion: 1,000 yen Dinner: 3,000 yen All in all 9,980 yen! Just under 10,000 yen! How was it? If you have 10,000 yen you can certainly be satisfied in Kyoto. I hope this article will be handy when you plan your trip. Kyoto is a great place. I hope you will enjoy every inch of Kyoto!
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