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Top 20 unforgettable matcha desserts in Kyoto

Sharing Kyoto ate all of the latest and trendiest matcha desserts, and we have chosen the best 20 for you!
Sharing Kyoto ate all of the latest and trendiest matcha desserts, and we have chosen the best 20 for you!

If you hear the word Kyoto, you probably think of matcha. So if you come actually come to Kyoto, you, of course, have to try some matcha desserts. So we went to all kinds of matcha cafes and had everything from the classic matcha parfaits to the trendy matcha shaved ice and cakes. And here you have it, the list of the 20 best matcha desserts in Kyoto!

20Saryo Suisen

Saryo SuisenEverything here is m Saryo Suisen atcha flavored: the jelly, dorayaki, warabimochi, pound cake, sticky rice balls… everything! The matcha soft serve has some of the bitterness of matcha, and this matcha parfait is sure to satisfy those who like matcha. This is matcha from top to bottom! 


Nishiki-IchihaThis boxful of matcha is almost like a treasure chest: there are Kyoto-style fu and black soybeans with gold foil, and they are all dipped in the matcha chocolate, making this a great matcha dessert for those who want something really Japanese!


18Gion Kinana – Main Store

Gion KinanaThis ice cream just melts in your mouth the second you eat it, and while it has a matcha taste it is a refreshing one. Because of the light taste of this ice cream, it makes a nice dessert after a heavy meal. 

17Gochio Café

Gochio CaféA matcha crepe (a green crepe!) with matcha ice cream, tastes and looks very unique. The matcha beer has not only the fragrance of malts, but also of matcha, and this makes it very refreshing to drink.

Address 63 Uji Ichiban, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture
Open Hours 11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.(L.O.4:00 p.m.)


KototamaYou can freely choose the flavor and what you want on your parfait, and make the matcha parfait of your dreams. The taste is truly something new: the not-too-sweet matcha ice cream goes great with the sticky rice balls and jelly. 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
I’m sure that after reading this article you are already thinking of where to go to have some great matcha sweets in Kyoto. Maybe your list would be different, but there are so many good matcha sweets in Kyoto that we couldn’t possibly include them all; if you find something even better please tell us too! And remember to write down some of the names of these shops and go try them, and the matcha aficionados in our readers should also remember to add this article to their My List!
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