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The 5 best conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Kyoto

Sushi is one of the most famous examples of washoku, and conveyor belt sushi is an easy and fun way to enjoy this Japanese delicacy!

Japan equals sushi! So if you come to Kyoto, one of the most fun ways of enjoying sushi is at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, where fresh sushi is brought you on a conveyor belt. The restaurants all have a very wide variety of different kinds of sushi, and also many delicious things besides sushi too! So here we have a list of the five best sushi restaurants in Kyoto that offer you sushi on the conveyor belt, so come with us, and take a seat on the sushi train!

1Chojiro Shijo-Kiyamachi

Chojiro Shijo-KiyamachiThere’s always a long line of customers in front of Chojiro, and many of them are foreign tourists. Their cuts of fish are generous, and they have a nice selection of different sushis. Seeing the colorful sushi pieces go round and round in front of you is sure to make your mouth water.

seasonal sushiThey also have seasonal sushi, and you can also get sashimi and crab if you want something without carbs in it. You can use an iPad to order, and the menu is in English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish, so ordering is very easy here.

2Kaiten-Sushi Uogashi Aeon Mall Kyoto

Kaiten-Sushi UogashiThis restaurant is inside the Aon Mall Kyoto shopping mall which is just by Kyoto Station. Kaiten-Sushi Uogashi is a spacious restaurant where they offer sushi made from fish they buy from the fish markets fresh every day. They also have their menu in English, Chinese, and Korean, so they are prepared for foreign visitors.

tuna trio

In this picture, you can see the favorites of the restaurant’s foreign patrons. The tuna trio is especially recommended, in it you have three pieces of tuna, the extra-fatty otoro, the fatty chutoro, and the red meat cut of tuna, and you can enjoy the differences in the tastes. So after shopping at the mall, remember to have some sushi to finish the night!

3Kyo-Suzaku Sushi Ichiba

Kyo-Suzaku Sushi IchibaThe closest station to this sushi restaurant is JR Tambaguchi, but because this conveyor belt sushi restaurant is right next to the fish market of Kyoto, you can always enjoy sushi at its freshest here. If you can’t decide what to have, consider ordering the sushi set you can see in the picture. This way you won’t have to worry about what to take off the conveyor belt.

fish soupThey don’t only have miso soup here, but they also have fish soup made out of fresh fish. The taste was so good that I’m pretty sure I’m never going to forget it.

4Sushi no Musashi

Sushi no MusashiThis restaurant is very popular among international visitors to Kyoto. The sushi here is made by artisans, not by machines, which is why the rice is fluffier here. The prices are also very cheap here, which is why there is almost always a line in front of the restaurant’s door.

How can it be this good?Seeing an endless line of sushi rotating before you, it’s hard to choose which one to get. The fresh fish and the vinegar-rice are such a combination that I guarantee that you’ll scream “How can it be this good?” right after the first bite! Remember to try the sushi here, it’s not only delicious, it’s also cheap!

5Mori Mori Sushi Shijo-Kawaramachi

Mori Mori Sushi You find Mori Mori Sushi on the 8th floor of the Marui Department Store. The restaurant chain is originally from Kanazawa, which is why they also serve some rarer fish you can only get in the Hokuriku region where Kanazawa is located in. Their specialty is Nodoguro, a fatty fish with a black throat, and it’s renowned for its great taste. It’s nice that you can also have it in Kyoto. Ordering is done on an iPad, and it has three language options: English, Chinese, and Korean.

sushi setsFor lunch, they also have sushi sets which are a great way to taste different kinds of sushi, and also to get your tummy full. The miso soup also contains seasonal ingredients, and when we were at Mori Mori, the miso soup contained crab. They have a nice selection of other dishes too, like deep-fried shrimp and chawanmushi (savory egg custard dish), so you get to try many different tastes.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
The allure of conveyor belt sushi is hard to resist for everyone, from children to grandparents. It is fun looking at the sushi’s going round and round, and it makes one feel happy. These five sushi restaurants are recommended because they have English menus and they are conveniently located close to train and subway stations. I hope you’ll choose one and go try a Japanese sushi train!
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