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Top 10 restaurants offering international cuisine in Kyoto

Tired of Japanese food all the time? Luckily you can have some great international food in Kyoto, like Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Californian... and the list goes on.

No matter what you call the food of countries other than Japan, be it international cuisine or world food or global cuisine, every region of the world has its own specialties. And while kaiseki cuisine and the pickles of Kyoto are indeed very delicious, you may grow tired of eating them every day for both lunch and dinner. But don’t worry; here you have a list of 10 restaurants in Kyoto that offer something different!


ItosenItosen is an old and renowned Chinese restaurant in Kyoto that offers delicious food in the geisha area of Kamishichiken. The restaurant is mainly popular among the locals, but can easily be also recommended for the tourists too. Just note that the restaurant is not very English-friendly. 


AnpanThe Korean restaurant Anpan offers spicy food right in the middle of Kyoto, and it’s not only spicy but also healthy. If you go to Anpan for lunch, you also get a cup of coffee for free. 

8Taiwan Tangbao

Taiwan TangbaoTaiwan Tangbao offers tangbao, steamed soup-buns, a dish that resembles xiaolongbao but which contains more soup. The prices here are very low especially when you consider the restaurant's central location, and you can even wash down the tangbao-buns with beer. 


ONZEONZE is a French restaurant offering rustic French food in the middle of Kyoto. They are especially well known for their sausages, and their Aligot et Saucisson deserves a special mention. 


ANTONIOAntonio is a Spanish restaurant in Kyoto, but they don’t only offer excellent Spanish cuisine, but they can even serve you in Spanish (and of course English too)! Their garlic prawns are something to die for. 

5Garam Masala

Garam MasalaA curry restaurant run by a Japanese woman? Can’t be that good, right? And that’s where you’d go wrong, as Garam Masala is one of the best curry restaurants in Kyoto offering authentic Indian curry. Their keema curry is just so good! 

4Dragon Burger

Dragon BurgerWould you like a non-Mickey D’s burger in Kyoto? Then you should head to the dragon’s lair! Dragon Burger not only grills you some nice burgers, but they also have a great selection of wines. Do you want a bottle of Opus One with your burger? Your only choice in Kyoto is Dragon Burger! 

3Le Bouchon

Le BouchonLe Bouchon takes their French cuisine very seriously. As you enter the restaurant, you leave Japan behind and enter a bistro in Lyon. A tip for the culinary demanding: they even have foie gras on the menu! 

2Com Ngon

Com NgonWhen it comes to Vietnamese food in Kyoto, Com Ngon is hard to beat. Their lunch prices are cheap, so you need to be prepared to wait for some time before you can get into the restaurant, as there’s often a line in front of it. They even have bubble tea. 

1Qué Pasa

Qué PasaWhen we’re talking of authenticity, Qué Pasa is where’s it’s at. The owner of this restaurant, one Mr. Kurokawa, spent 10 years in the bay area of California learning the ins and outs of the burrito-trade. Just go for the king size here, you won’t regret it. 

Sampo[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There are just so many great restaurants in Kyoto, but when you have had sushi and kaiseki every day for a week, you start craving something else. Which is why I hope you can use this list to alleviate that, since no matter if you want to have foei gras or just a huge burrito; Kyoto is the place to be in.
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