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The romantic pink cherry blossom season! Five Kyoto restaurants where you can enjoy cherry blossom dining

The cherry blossoms are blooming in Kyoto. There is nothing like eating an enjoyable meal while watching the cherry blossoms! Let Xiao Bian tell you about some cherry blossom restaurants in Kyoto!
amore kiyamachi

In spring, Kyoto is covered by pink cherry blossoms and the streets and temples are full of people. Walking under the cherry trees while the breeze gently blows is a very poetic experience. However, how much more extravagant and joyous it is to enjoy fine food while watching the beauty of cherry blossoms! On this occasion, I would like to introduce you to some cherry blossom restaurants in Kyoto. Not only can you taste the delicious food, but you can also enjoy a visual feast and nourish your soul and spirit! You can bring a few friends or family members to some of these restaurants and have a wonderful time together. However, the cherry blossoms restaurants are very popular and bound to be fully booked, so it is best that you make your reservation early!

1Amore KiyamachiAmore KiyamachiThe Italian restaurant "Amore Kiyamachi" next to the Kamo River is very European in both its exterior and interior design styles. After entering the restaurant, you can sit in the guest area and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Kamo River and cherry blossoms.

wood fired pizzaThe handmade, wood fired pizza oven-baked pizza is the restaurant's signature dish. The pizza has a crispy crust and fresh fillings, and the mildly burnt aroma lingers in your mouth. There is a wide variety of pizzas available here. The one shown in the photo is prosciutto-arugula white pizza. I highly recommend this flavor.

tomato pastaIf you like rich thick cheese and tomato pasta, this bacon tomato pasta is not to be missed. The medium-soft spaghetti, each thread smeared with rich tomato sauce, is indeed very appetizing!

2kilnkilnThe “kiln” restaurant near the intersection of Kiyamachi and Shijo streets has a cafe on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor. Whenever the cherry blossom season arrives, you can see a row of cherry blossoms from the window. It is a very pleasing sight!

wood-fired barbecued vegetablesThe restaurant is famous for dishes such as wood-fired barbecued vegetables and steaks. In the open kitchen, you can see the chef's movement while he does his firewood cooking. The smoked Hawaiian chicken Roman salad in the photo has a sweet crispy texture with a touch of burnt aroma and is most suitable as an appetizer.

grilled steakThe most popular dish is, of course, the Hiroshima-style grilled steak! Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the juicy steak is full of vibrancy with every bite that you take! What happiness can exceed the taste of this meal as you enjoy it with a glass of red wine and a view of the cherry blossoms out the window? To every great food lover out there, this is Vanessa’s  recommended restaurant!

3Mexican Dining AVOCADO KyotoMexican Dining AVOCADOAnother restaurant in Kiyamachi is "Mexican Dining AVOCADO Kyoto". It is widely known because the building was designed by the famous architect Tadao Ando. You can hear the rushing water along the Takase River and see the cherry blossoms. The outdoor area is the most popular one.

Spicy tortillasSpicy tortillas and salsa are the most familiar aspects of Mexican cuisine. I have always felt that the crispy tortillas and spicy salsa are side dishes and snacks that can stop people in their tracks!

Mexican sauceHow can chocolate and vegetables get so tasty? Perhaps it is difficult to imagine the taste, but this is a special traditional Mexican sauce. The succulent chicken is very tasty and tender after being boiled. When the sweet and spicy chicken is covered with tacos, the taste just lingers in your memory!

4Ganko Takasegawa NijoenGanko Takasegawa NijoenLocated near the Kamo River where you can see the cherry blossoms, "Ganko Takase River Nijo" mainly serves Japanese cuisine. In particular, Kyoto's famous cuisine enables you to taste the most delicious ingredients of each season as the season changes. And visually it is very sumptuous too.

sushi The restaurant's sushi is also a must-have dish! The vinegar rice is prepared using an expert kneading method by the sushi chef and has just the right level of dryness and consistency. When the fresh sashimi is placed between your chopsticks and dipped in wasabi soy sauce and placed in your mouth, the experience is beyond praise! Come to Japan and try their sushi right away!

5Vineria hVineria t.v.b“Vineria h” near the Takase and Kamo rivers is a genuine Italian restaurant. The pink cherry blossoms can be seen at the front gates of the restaurant. After entering the restaurant, you can see the cherry blossoms next to the Kamo River, which is practically surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Italian restaurant

Since this is an Italian restaurant, you can begin your meal with a pre-dinner drink! There is a wide range of wines available in the restaurant. All the dishes are carefully matched so that you can enjoy delicious dishes while tasting the wine.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Kyoto has different aspects all year round. But I still love the pink face of Kyoto during spring the best! What happiness it is to chat with your friends while watching the cherry blossoms! The above restaurants all allow you to view the cherry blossoms. Hopefully, everyone will have a chance to follow my advice and enjoy some lovely pink moments of happiness!
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