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Top 5 Kyoto Restaurants With Views of Cherry Blossoms!

It's finally the romantic cherry blossom season in Kyoto! And there's nothing better than eating a great meal with a view of beautiful blossoms! In this article, Vanessa will let you in on her top 5 restaurants in Kyoto with views of Japan's famed pink blossoms!
amore kiyamachi

Springtime in Kyoto brings canopies of pink cherry blossoms to the city's busy streets and temples.
While feeling the breeze on your skin as you stroll down the street on a warm spring day is a wonderful part of the season, nothing in spring is quite as romantic as a lunch for two at a restaurant with views of cherry blossoms.
In this article, we'll be looking at our top five Kyoto restaurants that'll give you just that!
Not only is the food at these restaurants delicious, but their views offer visual feasts that nourish the soul! Bring friends, family or a special someone and enjoy Kyoto's beautiful cherry blossom season together!
However, note that many of these are rather popular and are more than likely to be booked out, so make sure to reserve in advance!

1Amore KiyamachiAmore KiyamachiThe Italian restaurant Amore Kiyamachi next to the Kamo River is European through and through. After entering the restaurant, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Kamo River and its rows of cherry blossoms from the guest area.

wood fired pizzaHandmade, wood-fired pizza is Amore Kiyamachi's signature dish. The pizza has a crispy crust with fresh toppings, and a lingering chargrilled aroma. Amore Kiyamachi offers a wide variety of pizzas, including the one pictured above, which is a prosciutto-arugula and our most recommended choice.

tomato pastaIf you like strong cheese and tomato-based pasta, this bacon tomato pasta is not to be missed. Every strand of this slightly tough spaghetti is perfectly sauced and offers absolutely tantalizing delicious flavors.

2kilnkilnLocated near the intersection of Kiyamachi and Shijo, kiln is both a cafe on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor.
During the cherry blossom season, you'll be able to catch a beautiful view of the row of cherry blossoms just outside kiln's windows.

wood-fired barbecued vegetableskiln is famous for dishes such as its wood-fire barbecued vegetables and steaks. With its open kitchen set up, kiln offers an intimate look at the movements of its chefs as they dance around the kitchen and cook over an open wood fire.
kiln's eye-popping Grilled Caesar Salad with Grilled Porchetta offers a beautiful chargrilled flavored with its crisped romaine lettuce and is the perfect appetizer.

grilled steakkiln's most popular dishes are their "Hiroshima Taoshita" steaks.

Crisp on the outside and beautifully tender on the inside, these juicy steaks feel like they're injecting energy straight into your bloodstream.

Add to this a glass of red wine and a romantic view of cherry blossoms, and you might just have found nirvana itself.

This is our recommendation to any full-blown foodies out there.

3Mexican Dining AVOCADO Kyoto This store was closed in April 2020.Mexican Dining AVOCADOAnother restaurant along Kiyamachi's cherry blossom-lined streets is Mexican Dining AVOCADO Kyot. 

This restaurant is well known because its building was designed by the famous architect Tadao Ando. 

If the weather's nice out, try to get seats on the outdoor terrace for a magnificent view of the beautiful cherry blossoms and the sounds of the flowing Takase River.

Spicy tortillasIf you're familiar with Mexican food, then you probably already know the drill, delicious tortillas, spicy salsa and mouth-watering guacamole. 

Mexican sauceChicken with Mole Poblano is a chicken-based dish covered in a traditional Mexican sauce made of chocolate, chilies and veggies called mole poblano. The delicious smelling sauce goes incredible with the chicken and shines most when wrapped up in a tortilla.

4Ganko Takasegawa NijoenGanko Takasegawa NijoenLocated near the cherry blossom-lined Kamo River Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen is a chiefly Japanese restaurant. 

Ganko's kaiseki courses of famous Kyoto dishes use the best ingredients of each given season to provide you with the most delicious flavors they can offer.

However, as kaiseki isn't only about the flavors, the dishes are also visually breathtaking.

sushi Ganko's sushi is also a must-have! 

The sushi rice is prepared with expert techniques by a seasoned sushi chef and is consistently perfectly tough throughout. 

When you take the fresh sashimi in your chopsticks, dip it in the wasabi soy sauce and place it in your mouth, you will experience something that is beyond praise! 

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that you should come to Japan just to get a taste of this sushi right away!

5Vineria hVineria t.v.b
Situated in between the Takase and Kamo rivers, Vineria h an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Kyoto. 

Beautiful cherry blossoms can be seen from the entrance of the restaurant to the far end Kamo River-side windows.

Italian restaurant

As Vineria h is an Italian restaurant, you can kick off your meal with a pre-dinner drink! 

There is a wide range of wines to chose from, which have all been carefully curated to perfectly pair with the delicious dishes on offer.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
While Kyoto takes on many faces during the year, my personal favorite is the pale pink one it shows off during spring. Chatting with friends under cherry blossoms might be one of my favorite past times, and so with their wonderful views of cloud-like pink and white cherries, it only makes sense that these restaurants are some of my favorite in the whole city. If you're ever in Kyoto during spring, then make sure to check out some of these restaurants and experience the heartwarming scenery they offer for yourself.
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