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Top 5 restaurants in the always busy shopping districts of Teramachi and Kawaramachi!

Teramachi and Kawaramachi are the hottest areas in Kyoto, and naturally there are many nice restaurants here too. But these 5 you just have to visit!

Do you want to go on a shopping spree in Kyoto? There’s no better place for one than Teramachi and Kawaramachi! They’re always bustling with people, as you can find anything your heart desires here, as there are department stores, drugstores, clothing stores, and many others waiting for you. There are also many restaurants here, and as the competition is though, you can be sure that you’re getting some great dishes. So when shopping here, why not have some lunch or dinner too! There are restaurants that are so good people line up for them, and they offer such dishes as vegetarian meals, tendon rice bowls, and ramen. I’m sure that these five restaurants are worth the wait!

1Tendon Makino

Tendon MakinoThere is always a line in front of Tendon Makino. The best part of the experience at Makino is that they have an open kitchen and you get to see up close how the tempura-artisans make their deep-fry magic. 

deep-fried tempuraCarefully chosen ingredients make the deep-fried tempura here taste surprisingly fresh, and not at all too greasy, as you can still taste the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves. When you dip the tempura in Makino’s homemade dipping sauce, I’m sure there’s no looking back; you just have to finish the bowl!  

2Mumokuteki café

Mumokuteki caféYou can find this restaurant “mumokuteki café” on the Teramachi Shopping Street. It’s located on the second floor, and the first floor is the “mumokuteki” Japanese zakka shop (home improvement-items). The restaurant’s interior uses a lot of wood so the atmosphere feels warm and welcoming. 

teishokuThe deep-fried chicken you see in this picture is actually made from tofu dregs and konnyaku (konjac), so it contains only half of the calories found in deep-fried chicken. They also offer tofu Hamburg steaks and deep-fried imitation pork cutlets made from konnyaku, so you can find many vegetarian options here, which is great for the beauty-conscious women among our readers. If you want to have something a bit lighter in taste or with more vegetables than usual, consider this restaurant. 


InoichiFrom far away, you can already see the line in front of Inoichi. This ramen restaurant can be found in an alley by the Fujii Daimaru Department Store, and it’s around a 3-minute walk from Fujii Daimaru. The small ramen joint doesn’t seat many people at a time, so you may have to wait an hour before you get to eat here, but the taste of the ramen is well worth it. 

ramenThey have two type of ramen: white and black. The white ramen is a delicate, clear chicken-stock one, and the black one is a relatively bold-tasting soy-based ramen. Their noodles are thin but have a nice bite them. Unlike pork bone-based ramen, the taste is very refreshing! You can even drink all of the soup! 

4Fukunaga 294 * This restaurant closed in November 2018.

Fukunaga 294 On the popular Kawaramachi area bustling with people, you can find the Japanese-style western food restaurant Fukunaga 294. The interior of the restaurant looks European, and their lunch deals are very nice. They also have parfaits in limited quantities. At dinner, they offer an a la carte menu and alcoholic beverages. 

Hamburg steakThis Hamburg steak is made from 100% beef, and when you cut into it you will see the juices just flow out of it. The handmade Hamburg sauce makes the taste even richer. They also offer a roast beef salad which they make right there by your table. 

5Kyogoku Kaneyo

Kyogoku KaneyoKyogoku Kaneyo is located in an alley by the department store LOFT. The restaurant is in a machiya-style townhouse and it’s famous for the eel rice it offers. You can even see how the chefs are grilling the eels through the window. 

KinshidonThey are most famous for this dish, Kinshidon, which is charcoal grilled eel served with a thick slice of Japanese omelet. The sweetness and saltiness of the taste combine into making something exceptional, and the goodness of it makes it easy to finish the bowl in seconds. This traditional taste has a long history behind it, so be sure to try it when in Kyoto! 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There are many restaurants in Teramachi and Kawaramachi, but these five are so good they’re worth lining up to! Especially Inoichi, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this restaurant without a line in front of it unless they’ve sold out of soup and have closed for the day. And for those with big appetites, Tendon Makino is sure to be enough even for you. After shopping, how about having some nice food to fill up your energy reserves!
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