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Summer calls for a sundae! The 5 best sundaes in the whole of Kyoto!

Eating sundaes or parfaits in Kyoto in summer you’re not only going to enjoy their visual beauty but also their cooling, layered, delicate taste!

Summer means going out for some icy sundaes and parfaits! In this article, you can find about the best places in Kyoto to find these scrumptious icy treats. The layered nature of these sundaes makes them such a complex treat that they’ll taste great till the last drop. And when talking of sundaes in Kyoto, most people will automatically think of matcha sundaes. But you can actually get roasted soybean flour, chocolate, and fruit sundaes here too, so there is a lot to choose from if you want to enjoy a cool, sweet afternoon in Kyoto!

1Tsujirihei Uji HontenTsujiriheiTsujirihei Uji Honten is located close to JR Uji Station, and it’s already a part of almost everyone’s matcha sundae pilgrimage to Kyoto. The café feels very retro, and it has a huge garden for you to enjoy. 

matcha sundaeThis café is known for its matcha sundae, or to use the fancier word, matcha parfait. The matcha used in its matcha ice cream is of great quality, so it’s not at all bitter, but you can enjoy its complex taste with the red bean paste and other Japanese sweets. There’s even a handmade matcha-chocolate cookie on the parfait and a chocolate truffle too! How great is that! 

2Kisshokaryo GionKisshokaryo GionThis café is in a traditional Japanese building which looking from outside, looks just like a normal house. But actually, it’s the café Kisshokaryo Gion, a very popular spot for sweets in Gion with a shop on the first floor, and the café on the second. It’s so popular there’s almost always a line in front of this café famous for its warabimochi and roasted soybean flour! 

roasted soybean flour flavored sundaeTheir most classic dessert is this one, their roasted soybean flour flavored sundae. It contains both pannacotta and hojicha tea-jelly, and the taste is very rich, and the complexity of it is sure to surprise you! If you’re afraid your sundae in Kyoto is going to be a bit too sweet, then this is the place for you! The taste here is not overly sweet, but refined. 

3Chocolat BEL AMER Kyoto BetteiChocolat BEL AMERBEL AMER Kyoto Bettei is a chocolate shop on Sanjo Street, but it’s not a normal chocolate shop: here they combine Japanese tastes, such as sake from Kyoto, Japanese tea, and fruits to the chocolate. Because of this, the shop has already become a favorite among the young women of Kyoto

chocolate sundaeTheir classic chocolate sundae is, of course, something that leaves you in awe at its colorfulness. The rich chocolate ice cream and the acidity of the berries, make this a chocolate sundae you won’t forget. But remember to control yourself and take a picture of it before you dig in! 

4Fruit Parlor YaoisoYaoisoFruit Parlor Yaoiso is a traditional fruit parlor in Kyoto which also runs a café, where you can enjoy fresh fruit either in sandwiches or as a sundae. 

fruit sundaesThey only use the freshest fruit to make their delicious fruit sundaes, so you get the sweetness and sourness of the fruits which come together with the aid of the soft serve. Very refreshing; great for a summer day in Kyoto! 

5TenTenTen is a café close to Kiyomizu Temple that looks cute, and it’s actually not only a café but also a gift shop. Besides enjoying sweets here, you can also buy bookmarkers, pottery, and other Japanese things. 

matcha warabimochi sundaeThe fragrant roasted soybean flour sundae here is made with matcha warabimochi, chestnut, and red beans, so it’s a very Japanese offering. I’m sure this fragrant, oh so fragrant, the sundae is going to leave you speechless with its great taste! Next time you come to see Kiyomizu Temple, remember to also try this sundae! 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Summers in Kyoto are beautiful, but a bit hot, so it’s the time to enjoy layered sundaes inside! Besides matcha sundaes, I want to especially recommend the sundae you can get at Kisshokaryo. You can add as much roasted soybean flour to it as you want! So be sure to have Japanese sundaes when you’re in Kyoto!
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