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Japanese food to warm you up! Healthy Japanese set meals in Kyoto full of nutrition!

Colorful, healthy, and nutritious, Japanese set meals are something that is bound to leave you feeling full and satisfied!
mumokuteki cafe

If you watch anime or read manga, you have probably seen the characters in them enjoy Japanese set meals called teishoku. You get a main, many side dishes, miso soup, and, of course, white rice in Japanese set meal. The colorful dishes and Japanese garnishments make you salivate in excitement. You can find many restaurants in Kyoto that offer set meals, so if you want to have a healthy meal that will help keep your energy levels high when you go sightseeing in Kyoto, look no further!

1Huge seafood rice bowl at Robata Sushi Hotaru

Robata Sushi Hotarusashimi rice bowlThis restaurant, Robata Sushi Hotaru, is in the area of Karasuma Sanjo, surrounded by tall office buildings, and it’s famous for its huge sashimi rice bowl served at lunch. As the portion is really big, this rice bowl is really popular among the office workers around the area. The sashimi has a nice sweetness to it, enhancing its deliciousness, and when you add some wasabi to it, the taste becomes so delicious that the people of Kyoto can’t seem to say no to it. You also get some cold tofu and tsukemono-pickles with it, so it really is a nice lunch set! 

2Vividly colored Japanese food at Kurama – Kyoto Station Asty Road

Kuramateishoku set mealsYou can find Kurama close to the always-bustling-with-people Hachijoguchi exit of Kyoto Station. The restaurant specializes in offering set meals made with local ingredients, and one of their most popular teishoku set meals is the one with kujo leak and chicken (there are three different ways you can enjoy this meal!). Add an onsen tamago (runny hot spring egg) or dashi stock to the rice bowl, and you can enjoy the rice bowl in a new exciting way. The crispy tempura is a great addition, and this meal is sure to leave you feeling full. 

3For the health conscious – mumokuteki café

mumokuteki cafédishesDo you want something a bit healthier? Then mumokuteki café in Teramachi Shopping Street is the place for you. The chicken nuggets here are made with tofu; fried pork cutlets are actually made from konjac (a starchy corn); so the foods here are great for those on a diet, as the dishes contain only half of the calories when compared to their meaty originals. 

4All-you-can-eat Japanese pickles at Kamado Takitate Gohan Doi

Takitate Gohan DoiJapanese picklesThe Hachijoguchi exit of Kyoto Station is always busy with tourists going to and fro, but you can also find Doi, a restaurant where you can enjoy as many pickles as you can eat. Not only can you tasty many kinds of Japanese pickles, but you can also enjoy Kyoto-style home cooking here, and feel like a local for a moment. 

5Nostalgic atmosphere – Daigin Shokudo

Daigin ShokudotonkatsuDaigin Shokudo is a restaurant on the route leading up to Ginkaku-ji Temple, and the restaurant feels very traditional and the atmosphere is nostalgic. You can enjoy such Japanese home cooking classics here as tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets), deep fried fish, ginger pork, and Hamburg steak. 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Japanese set meals are colorful and contain many different kinds of dishes, so they’re great for a balanced diet (and delicious!). All of these restaurants are conveniently located, so when you are sightseeing in Kyoto, I hope you’ll try them and enjoy their delicious cuisine before the next temple visit!
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