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Which one’s the prettiest? Top 4 sweets in Kyoto for Instagrammers!

Top 4 most trendy sweets in Kyoto, sure to get likes on Facebook and Instagram!

When it comes to Kyoto, most of us probably think of traditions and temples. And you can find many traditional things and temples in Kyoto, but you can actually find many interesting new takes on these traditional things in Kyoto. As services like Instagram have become popular, the sweets of Kyoto have become more popular, the sweets of Kyoto have become even more photogenic. But these sweets don’t only look great; they’re also delicious! So if you want to know about Kyoto’s latest sweets trends, look no further!

1Tea and Sake room TasukiTasukishaved iceTea and Sake Room Tasuki is on the first floor of the shop PASS THE BATON’s Gion Store, and it’s famous for its refreshing-but-huge shaved ice, which is a sure instant Instagram hit.

2ASSEMBLAGES KAKIMOTOASSEMBLAGES KAKIMOTOThé vertASSEMBLAGES KAKIMOTO is run by a pastry chef who got an award for chocolate making in France, and there is even a bar inside the shop called Thé vert, so you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage while you taste the chocolate. In the picture, you can see the counter, the most popular place for taking pictures at this chocolate shop.

3JEREMY&JEMIMAHJEREMY&JEMIMAHcotton candyRight next to Gion’s Yasui Konpira-gu Shrine, you can find the cotton candy shop JEREMY & JEMIMAH. The cotton candy sold here is huge, it was even bigger than my head, and it’s something everyone who’s renting a kimono has to take a picture with.

4Tsujirihei Uji HontenTsujirihei Uji Hontenmatcha shopsTsujirihei is one of the most famous matcha shops in Uji, and their parfaits are so exuberant just looking at them makes you feel satisfied, but once you taste them, you are bound to feel exhilarated. The atmosphere of the shop is very nice, and you’re going to have many great photo-opportunities here.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Kyoto’s sweets are delicate and pretty, like blooming flowers! Look at them from all angles, as they’re almost like works of art, before taking a bite! I’m sure that all of the Instagrammers among our readers are already planning their next trip to Kyoto!
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