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5 Beautiful Looking Artistic Sushi Restaurants in Kyoto!

Sushi is one of Japan's most famous foods because it not only tastes great, but looks great too. In this article, we'll be looking at 5 of the best sushi restaurants in Kyoto offering downright beautiful and inspiringly artistic sushi!

For many travelers coming to Japan, sushi is the epitome of "Japanese food" — and for the most part, they wouldn't be wrong.
popularized in the eastern city of Edo, modern-day Tokyo, around the early 1800s, sushi quickly took Japan, and subsequently nearly two hundred years later, the world, by storm.
However, while this traditional cuisine has its fair share of purists, in recent years, Japan, and more specifically Kyoto, has seen a wave of new and exciting restaurants taking the art form of sushi in entirely new directions.
In this article, we'll introduce you to 5 of the best sushi restaurants in Kyoto serving magnificent looking sushi in a style that's completely unique to them.

On the geisha street of Hanamikoji, you'll find famous sushi restaurant Mametora. Mametora is well most well known for its round pieces of cute mini-sushi. Each piece of this fabulous looking sushi is entirely handmade and just goes to show how skillful the chefs of Kyoto's famed Hanamikoji truly are.  

At AWOMB, you get to put your culinary skills to the test and make your very own unique sushi creation.
After sitting down at your seat, you're presented with a magnificent eye-catching platter of various ingredients.
The staff will explain how to put together the sushi and what ingredients are included — and then it's time to make your sushi. 
Not only is AWOMB worth the visit simply for the outstanding visual experience, but it's also one of, if not the most fun sushi experiences anyone can have with friends and family. 
With little bits of so many different ingredients, try and see what kind of incredible sushi you can come up with.

Who decided that sushi was all about fish? At Oniku no Osushi you can enjoy sushi made from authentic Japanese wagyu beef. The mouth-watering, deliciously pink wagyu is presented in a way like you've never seen before. We sincerely hope that you can fight off the temptation to chow down long enough to snap a few pictures, because who knows when you'll be feasting on real wagyu beef sushi next?

Tucked away between the traditional buildings of Kyoto's geisha district of Ponto-cho, you'll find Pontocho Kappa-zushi. While Pontocho Kappa-zushi's sushi is just as visually incredible as any other long-standing traditional sushi restaurant, the real visual draw here is the view of Kyoto's magnificent Kamo River.
It's not every day that you get the opportunity to gaze out upon one of the most well-known spots in Kyoto from a traditional sushi shop run out of a narrow Kyoto townhouse situated in a historic geisha district, so Pontocho Kappa-zushi more than deserves its spot on this list.

Located in the basement of Kyoto Station, Manshige serves set meals containing both sushi and tempura. Not only does Manshige offer some of the best looking traditional nigiri sushi around, but their portion sizes are huge as well. So if you're looking to satisfy both your eyes and your stomach, then there's no looking past Manshige.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Sushi is something everyone thinks looks nice, whether it be traditional or new and exciting. If the sushi looks this beautiful, it doesn’t mind if it’s a bit expensive: it’s worth it! These restaurants are close to sightseeing spots, so you can keep on sightseeing after enjoying some delicious sushi.
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