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Sushi so pretty it’s like art! 5 restaurants in Kyoto with delicious and delightful sushi

Sushi is one of the most famous cuisines of Japan, and it’s not only delicious but also looks great. These 5 restaurants offering extravagant sushi are sure to go on your Kyoto itinerary!

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese foods, and it’s also well known to the tourists coming to Kyoto from all over the world, so well in fact that some of them come here just to taste the delicious sushi. Of course, some of the sushi restaurants in Kyoto have been in the business for decades, even hundreds of years, so their taste can be guaranteed by the long history behind it. Lately, there are also many restaurants that offer a new and exciting take on sushi, one that is more visual. This new type of sushi is great for those who like taking pictures of their food, and here are the top 5 restaurants offering this new style of sushi:

1Mametora GionMametora Gionmini-sushi

On the geisha-street of Hanamikoji, you can find the famous sushi restaurant Mametora, who offer round, cute mini-sushi. They’re all handmade – how skillful the sushi chefs here must be!

2AWOMBAWOMBsushi making

AWOMB lets you try your hand at sushi making; they just give a plateful of ingredients, and off you go, its sushi making time! You also get instructions on how to make sushi, so as long as you follow the instructions, you’ll have beautiful pieces of sushi in front of you in no time.

3Oniku no Osushi Sanjo SakaimachiOniku no Osushiwagyu beef

Who said that sushi has to contain fish? At Oniku no Osushi Sanjo Sakaimachi you can enjoy sushi made from wagyu beef. The fresh wagyu beef looks great, its appetizingly pink, so can you resist its temptation long enough to take a picture of your sushi feast?

4Pontocho Kappa-SushiPontocho Kappa-Sushiluxurious sushi dishes

In the geisha district of Ponto-cho, you can find Pontocho Kappa-Sushi, a sushi restaurant offering incredibly beautiful, luxurious sushi dishes, which you can enjoy while you gaze at the beautiful scenery of the Kamo River.

5ManshigeManshigemeal sets

Manshige is located in Kyoto Station, and it offers meal sets with both sushi and tempura, and these meal sets are not only beautiful, but you also get really a huge portion of food. The beautiful colors on the plate are sure to make your appetite even bigger.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Sushi is something everyone thinks looks nice, whether it be traditional or new and exciting. If the sushi looks this beautiful, it doesn’t mind if it’s a bit expensive: it’s worth it! These restaurants are close to sightseeing spots, so you can keep on sightseeing after enjoying some delicious sushi.
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