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Feel refreshed! Colorful sweets and drinks in Kyoto

Colorful sweets and drinks in Kyoto that will make you forget about the rainy and depressing weather!
Colorful sweets

When it’s raining in Kyoto, it’s also very humid, so it can be pretty depressing. But these colorful sweets and drinks are going to make you feel happy again!

1page onepage oneshaved ice

What’s the vibe?  The atmosphere is relaxed and there is also an inner garden. The café becomes a bar from 6 pm. onward. 

Where    Gion.

What to eat  Kakigori (shaved ice) made with freshly squeezed juice.

How much?  Freshly squeezed strawberry kakigori: ¥950 Freshly squeezed lemon kakigori: ¥800


What’s the vibe?  The interior of the café is colorful; it feels fun, almost as if you had come to an amusement park. 

Where   Teramachi Shopping Street

What to eat  Colorful “cream soda” with 24 flavor variations. 

How much?  All ¥690. The smaller “baby size” is ¥600.


What’s the vibe?  There’s something nostalgic and retro about the atmosphere. 

Where   Close to Yasui Konpiragu Shrine

What to eat  Ohagi-sweets handmade by a grandmother. 

How much?  ¥150 per piece. Those made with white adzuki beans are ¥180.

4MarieBelle KyotoMarieBelle Kyotocolorful chocolates

What’s the vibe?  Outside the shop is a Kyoto-style machiya townhouse, inside it has a blue color scheme in European style and the atmosphere is chic. 

Where   Close to Nishiki Market

What to eat  It’s fun just looking at the colorful chocolates.   

How much?  On average around ¥2,000. 

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Many of these drinks and sweets were so vividly colorful they made my heart flutter! It may be humid in Kyoto during the rainy season, and this may make you feel a bit let down, but these colorful sweets and drinks are sure to brighten your day!
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