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Full of juicy meatiness! Five restaurants with the best dumplings in Kyoto

Gyoza, xiaolongbao, and shui jiao dumplings, each juicy and delicious, all in Kyoto

Besides ramen, yakiniku, and other Japanese classics, you probably want to have some crispy dumplings when you come to Kyoto, be they gyoza, xiaolongbao, or shui jiao. The Japanese way to enjoy these dumplings is with a pint of beer, so they’re especially popular among salarymen. While some of the offerings are more Japanese, like gyoza, some are very Chinese, but still popular in Kyoto, like xiaolongbao and shui jiao (shoronpo and suigyoza in Japanese). Compared to their Japanese siblings, these types of dumplings are juicier, while the Japanese ones are usually crispier. So let me take you on a dumpling-trip to Kyoto!

1HoheiHoheigyozaHohei is a gyoza specialty restaurant/bar located in an alley in Gion, and they’re famous for their thin-skinned crispy gyoza. Although they only have two different kinds of gyoza, there is a long line of people waiting to get in every day. Note that their side dishes and soups are also really popular! 

2SenmontenSenmontencute gyozaSenmonten specializes in cute gyoza in the shape of folding fans, and it’s located in the busy district of Gion. The fresh, crisp gyoza dumplings of Senmonten are so good they’re addictive. I recommend also ordering a pint, as gyoza go especially well with beer.  

3Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASATakatsuji SUKEMASAgyoza dumplingsThis restaurant, Gyozadokoro Takatsuji SUKEMASA, specializes in only Gyoza, and its gyoza dumplings are on the bigger side, so they’re sure to leave you satisfied. They actually contain more vegetables than meat, making them a hit among the office ladies of Kyoto. 

4Tokasaikan’s shui jiao dumplingsTokasaikanshui jiaoTokasaikan is a Chinese restaurant located close to the Shijo Ohashi Bridge, by the Kamo River, and it serves authentic Beijing cuisine in a historical building. One of their best dishes is shui jiao – these boiled Chinese dumplings are simply a delicacy. 

5Taiwan Tangbao (Tanpao)Taiwan TangbaoxiaolongbaoTaiwan Tangbao is a restaurant specializing in xiaolongbao (shoronpo) dumplings in Teramachi Shopping Street. It’s great that you can also taste these Chinese treats in Kyoto! They are cheap and make a great snack to have while sightseeing. 
Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There are many great places in Kyoto where you can enjoy steaming hot dumplings, and each of them is more unique than the last. Enjoy the different textures, tastes, and the meaty flavors in these dumplings. Nightlife in Kyoto at its best is dumplings and a pint of beer in a local dumpling spot!
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