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Summer in Kyoto and a special dinner experience after Gion Matsuri

After enjoying Gion Matsuri, it’s time to spend an unforgettable night in a great restaurant in Kyoto
Gion Festival

The festival most representative of summer in Kyoto has to be Gion Matsuri. Having exquisite dinner after enjoying the festivities is a special kind of experience. These restaurants offer everything from fusion to tempura and sushi, and they’re close to the places where Gion Matsuri takes place.

1Another CThe fusion cuisineAnother CWhat’s the vibe? Enjoy the show as chef Tominaga works his magic behind the counter. This restaurant is limited to only seven people per day, so the experience is unique and special.

Where By the Takase River.

What to eat The fusion cuisine by chef Tominaga that combines his childhood in New York with the food culture of Kyoto.

How much? Kyoto×NY Another C’s Classic Dinner ¥10,000+tax

Kyoto×NY+Chef’s Special Dinner ¥15,000+tax

2TenyutempuraTenyuWhat’s the vibe? This restaurant was designed by the long-established ryokan Tawaraya Ryokan, and it’s even featured on the Michelin guide. The atmosphere is elegant and calm.

Where Close to Kyoto City Hall.

What to eat Lightly battered tempura made using seasonal fish and vegetables.

How much? Tempura course: ¥10,000 +tax

Kaiseki tempura course ¥13,000 +tax

3Sushi MatsumotoEdomae style sushiSushi MatsumotoWhat’s the vibe? The atmosphere is refined, you get to see up close how an itamae sushi chef makes his simple but yet so delicate sushi.

Where Gion

What to eat Maybe the best authentic Edomae style sushi.

How much? Omakase course ¥15,000 +tax, ¥18,000 +tax

4Pontocho RobinwashokuPontocho Robin

What’s the vibe? You can enjoy your food on the summery kawayuka dining platform or inside the Kyoto-like machiya townhouse with over 150 years of history.

Where Ponto-cho

What to eat Authentic washoku (Japanese cuisine) made with seasonal ingredients, homemade dashi stock, and spices.

How much? Asagao course (8 dishes) ¥7,000 +tax

Hosenka course (10 dishes) ¥10,000 +tax

Takuya[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Each of these restaurants offers cuisine of such quality that I need not say anything else. I’m sure that you will be satisfied with both the atmosphere and the service level. I hope that you will visit one of these restaurants after Gion Matsuri and make your festival day even more special.
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