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Wagyu is hot in Kyoto! The best restaurants in Kyoto to enjoy wagyu beef

Trendy restaurants in Kyoto right now where you can enjoy delicious wagyu introduced!

There are more and more restaurants in Kyoto where you can enjoy wagyu beef. This time I’d like to recommend to you five restaurants in Kyoto that I think represent this wagyu craze the best. You can enjoy wagyu in new and exciting ways, not only as steaks and shabu shabu, you can also enjoy it deep fried or as sushi!

1Kyoto Nakasei NikuzukisteaksKyoto Nakasei Nikuzuki

Kyoto Nakasei Nikuzuki is a restaurant run by a butcher shop with a long history of operating in Kyoto. The restaurant specializes in aged beef, and it’s said to be the first restaurant in Kyoto to have specialized in this type of beef. Besides their steaks, I’d also like to recommend their Hamburg steaks too. Their food goes well with wine, but it also pairs nicely with sake. 

2Hyoto KyotoHyoto Kyotoshabu shabu

Hyoto Kyoto is famous for its shabu shabu. You can also enjoy your Ohmi wagyu beef dipped in a shabu shabu pot that contains dashi stock. The combination of mouth-melting wagyu beef and fragrant dashi stock is magical. 

3Kyoto Yakiniku HIRO KiyamachiKyoto Yakiniku HIRO Kiyamachiwagyu yukke

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Kiyamachi is a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy exceptional wagyu for reasonable prices. Besides their yakiniku menu, they also offer such delicacies as wagyu yukke (raw wagyu served with an egg yolk) and wagyu sushi. The restaurant is located by the Kamo River, so from May to September, you can enjoy your food on the kawayuka dining platforms by the river. 

4Kyoto Katsugyu Kyoto StationKyoto Katsugyu Kyoto StationKatsugyu’s specialty

Katsugyu at Kyoto Station offers their wagyu beef as deep fried cutlets. The meat is served medium rare so it’s very soft, and Katsugyu’s specialty is their very thin crust. I hope you will try this new wagyu of enjoying wagyu beef, as deep fried cutlets. 

5Oniku no Osushi Sanjo Sakaimachiwagyu sushiOniku no Osushi

It’s rare to have a chance to eat wagyu sushi, even in Kyoto. But at Oniku no Osushi Sanjo Sakaimachi you can enjoy this rare treat. The meat is fresh and just melts in your mouth. I want to recommend the counter seats where you get to watch how the sushi artisans make the sushi.

Takuya[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
These days, you can enjoy many kinds of dishes made with wagyu beef in Kyoto. I hope you will visit Kyoto and taste them. I’m sure you will be surprised by the umami and sweetness of wagyu!
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