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Hot summer is the time to eat Kyoto curry

Summers in Kyoto are scorching. I’ll introduce you curry that’s great on a hot summer day.

There are actually many curry restaurants in Kyoto, offering different kinds of curries. Among the many great curry restaurants in Kyoto, I’m going to introduce to you four curry restaurants that are great in summer.

1Garam MasalaGaram Masalakeema curry

Garam Masala is a curry restaurant in the Ichijoji area of Kyoto with over 30 years of history. Their keema curry with its strong black pepper kick is spectacular. For lunch, they also have a set menu with three different types of curry for lunch which is good value for money.  

2Cha-café waCha-café wayakuzen

Cha- café wa uses organic vegetables to make their healthy Chinese medicine-inspired dishes. Among those dishes, I want to recommend their Chinese medicine-inspired curry called “yakuzen.” It’s healthy but still packs a punch. 

3Shinrin ShokudoShinrin Shokudoclose to Nijo Castle

 Shinrin Shokudo is a restaurant that is close to Nijo Castle and in accordance to its name, has a forest-like atmosphere (shinrin means forest in Japanese). The curry here has a unique spiciness to it, and once you try it, you will become a captive of the taste. They have many types of curry such as chicken curry and spinach-keema curry, but I recommend their “aigake” which has half of both. 


Kamal is a curry restaurant close to Rokkaku-do Temple. Their classics are butter chicken curry, vegetable curry (rather sweet), and extra spicy beef curry, but you can also enjoy a combination of two of them. Of course, you can also only order one type of curry too. 

Takuya[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Summers in Kyoto are considered to be especially hot even in Japan. So let’s eat spicy curry to overcome the hot summer!
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