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Yakuzen Chinese-medicine inspired food you can eat in Kyoto

Chinese-medicine inspired food in Kyoto that will make you feel energetic!
Chinese-medicine inspired food

Summers in Kyoto are hot and it’s easy to get tired. If you get tired, I recommend eating yakuzen cuisine. Yakuzen is made in accordance with the theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements in Chinese medicine. The Five Elements are thought to each either warm up or cool the body. There are also thought to be five tastes such as sour and sweet.

Yakuzen cuisine is made under the guiding principles of the Five Elements and the five tastes, to fit the state of health of the customer. Let’s eat yakuzen cuisine to get through summer!

1Hyakumi OnjikiKyoto-style yakuzen curry.Hyakumi OnjikiAt Hyakumi Onjiki you get to eat Kyoto-style yakuzen curry. The curry is made using chicken stock as a base, and then by spicing it up with a mix of 12 types of Chinese medicine and spices. It’s good for your liver and bowels, and it’s even said to help you recover from fatigue. Even if you’re suffering from the summer heat, the fragrance of the spices will help bring back your appetite. 

2Somushi KochayaSomushi KochayaKorean Chinese medicine-inspired teaSomushi Kochaya is a traditional tea house where you can enjoy Korean Chinese medicine-inspired tea. Their yakcha-tea uses ten types of Chinese medicine herbs in it. You can also try Korean court cuisine made with seasonal ingredients. I think it’s a splendid idea to help your body recover with some nice medicinal herbs. 

3Cha-cafe waCha-cafe wadessertsAt Cha-cafe wa you can choose a Chinese-medicine inspired tea to fit your mood and health. They grow their vegetables and herbs themselves and use them in their food and desserts, so the food is very gentle on your body. After eating here, I’m sure you’ll feel better. A well-balanced diet is very important, and I’m sure that this restaurant can help you eat a diet like that! 

4Zezekan PocchiriBeijing-style cuisineZezekan PocchiriZezekan Pocchiri offers Beijing-style cuisine in a renovated machiya townhouse with a chic atmosphere. All the dishes are exceptional and use carefully chosen ingredients, such as their shark fin soup and Peking duck. At lunch, they have a nice set meal for those interested in beauty, a “Shark fin beauty” meal that contains a lot of collagen. In winter you can also enjoy a beautiful yakuzen hot pot with two soups, red and white. 

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
If you get tired from the heat, I recommend that you recover by eating yakuzen cuisine! Let’s eat a lot to overcome the hot summer!
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