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Buffet restaurants in Kyoto sure to satisfy you! Veggies & home cooking!

Eat as much as you want in Kyoto at these restaurants that offer seasonal veggies and other delicacies at reasonable prices.

When traveling in Kyoto, you need to have some sushi, yakiniku, and ramen, the soul foods of Japanese people. But sometimes you might feel like you’re not getting enough veggies in Japan, as sometimes the restaurant food here doesn’t contain that many vegetables. However, Kyoto is famous for its vegetables, and in the restaurants below you can enjoy them in buffet style, so you also don’t have to worry about the language barrier, nor about going over budget, no matter how much you eat. These buffet restaurants also offer you a chance to eat more healthily, as you get to choose all your dishes yourself. These four restaurants are easy to get to and a great addition to your trip to Kyoto! 

1GyateiGyateiKyoto-style home cookingGyatei is in Arashiyama, close to Randen’s Arashyiama Station, and at it, you can eat as much Kyoto-style home cooking as you want. They have 10 types of Kyoto-style dishes every day, and they also have warabimochi and pudding as a dessert, so this a very nice place to have lunch. 

Time limit: 60 minutes.

Price (adults over 16): ¥2150

2Restaurant TOWER TERRACERestaurant TOWER TERRACE40 types of dishes Restaurant TOWER TERRACE is located in the same building as Kyoto Tower, and they offer around 40 types of dishes made with local ingredients, so of course, they also have a nice salad bar. The restaurant looks very nice, and the furniture is wooden, so this restaurant and its salad bar are a great choice for our health-conscious readers. 
Time limit: 90 minutes.
Lunch (adults): Weekdays: ¥2,600 / Weekends and holidays: ¥2,900
Dinner (adults): Weekdays: ¥4,300 / Weekends and holidays: ¥4,500 

3Miyako Yasai KamoMiyako Yasai Kamovegetable dishes and saladMiyako Yasai Kamo serves vegetable dishes and salad made using only the finest locally sourced vegetables, and almost all of their dishes are made mainly with vegetables. Not only is their salad bar great, but they also make their salad dressing in-house, and I can guarantee you it tastes great. They offer breakfast too, so this restaurant is great for those who are up early. 
No time limit. 
Breakfast (adults): ¥500 
Lunch (adults): Weekdays ¥890 / Weekends and holidays: ¥950
Dinner (adults): Weekdays: ¥1,370 / Weekends and holidays: ¥1,500

4Moku Moku KyotoMoku Moku Kyotofresh saladMoku Moku Kyoto is a restaurant run by a farm that makes everything themselves, even the salt that they use. The fresh salad is tasty, and they also have many Japanese home cooking –style dishes. This is a very colorful buffet, and it’s very easy to eat a bit too much here. 
No time limit. 
Lunch: ¥1815 (adults)
Dinner: ¥2399 (adults)

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There are not that many restaurants in Kyoto where you get to eat a lot of vegetables. But at these restaurants, you get to eat as much as you want, and you get to eat seasonal Kyoto-treats, which, simply said, are delicious! So don’t forget to visit them if you’re feeling especially hungry when in Kyoto!
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