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The Best Lunch Restaurants in Kyoto Station, Gion, and Arashiyama!!

Top 5 Lunch Restaurants in Kyoto Station, Gion, and Arashiyama by a Local Foodie.
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The atmosphere everywhere in Kyoto is elegant. There is something luxurious even about the restaurants. Getting to Kyoto Station is especially easy, but in Gion and Arashiyama you can also enjoy the atmosphere while you eat, so these three spots are especially nice for tourists. This time I’m introducing restaurants that offer delicious lunch in Kyoto.

Kyoto Station is going to become the hub of your travels in Kyoto, and you can find many restaurants in it, so it’s a great place to have lunch no matter whether you want to spend half a day window-shopping, or waiting for check-in, or before your train back home. From reasonably priced ones to gorgeous meals, here are five restaurants that I guarantee are delicious.

1Kyoto WakudenKyoto WakudenWhat’s the vibe?

This restaurant offers haute cuisine, but at lunch, the price is not too high, so this is a nice place to try kaiseki. I recommend this restaurant to those trying kaiseki for the first time.

What to eat

You get to try tai (sea bream) sushi and other kaiseki classics at a reasonable price.

How much?

They have a special lunch set for 2,700 yen. Note that its numbers are limited and that it can’t be reserved.

2KuramaKuramaWhat’s the vibe?

The restaurant’s interior design uses a lot of black, and the restaurant has a calmness to it but it’s also lively and casual. You can enjoy Kyoto-delicacies made with fresh local produce here.

What to eat

Their Kyo-sai Bento box contains Kyo-yuba, Kyu-namafu, grilled fish, roast duck, and other dishes you can only find in Kyoto.

How much?

A set with chirimen sansho (whitebait seasoned with Japanese pepper): ¥1,980 A set with sushi: ¥2,100

3TodaiTodaiWhat’s the vibe?

The food-stand like spacious restaurant has a Japanese atmosphere.

What to eat

Sweet-and-spicy tonkotsu ramen with pork belly slices.

How much?

Regular size: ¥850 (As many raw eggs as you want)

4Tempura KyorinsenTempura KyorinsenWhat’s the vibe?

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and once you sit down by the counter you get to see them fry tempura.

What to eat

Tempura made from fresh seafood and vegetables from Kyoto. You get to enjoy your freshly-made piping hot tempura with dashi sauce in the weaker Kansai-style.

How much?

Kyo-gozen lunch set: 2,800 yen

5Sushi no MusashiSushi no MusashiWhat’s the vibe?

A spacious conveyor belt sushi restaurant with a simple interior that is made to look like a traditional Kyoto town house.

What to eat

You can enjoy around 50 types of sushi.

How much?

One plate 146 yen / 346 yen

Hiro[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
Not only the atmosphere but also the Kyoto-like food, make these restaurants spots I would very much like you to consider for lunch in Kyoto.
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