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Discover Kyoto Ramen with Sharing Kyoto’s Editor-in-Chief (Beginners Welcome)

For those ramen heads out there wishing to delve deep into Kyoto ramen, this tour is for you! Join Sharing Kyoto editor-in-chief, Ramen King and devourer of over 300 bowls of ramen a year, Yamasaki-san, as he takes you on a journey to discover authentic Kyoto ramen.

Yamasaki-san wished that more people would know about the deeper, more authentic side of Kyoto Ramen, and thus, created this ramen tour.

“I see a ton of ramen shops, but they all look the same” – “What’s ramen in Kyoto even like?” – “There are too many types to choose from, I just don’t get it” – “I’ve already had tons of ramen before”

We know that some people out feel this way about ramen, but when it comes to real Kyoto Ramen, there’s still a lot you may be surprised to learn.

Take the chance to jump on this tour and experience for yourself what’s so great about Kyoto Ramen!

This tour will be led by the one and only editor-in-chief of Sharing Kyoto, Yamasaki-san. As the self proclaimed Ramen King, ramen loving local Kyotoite, and consumer of over 300 bowls of the stuff a year, Yamasaki-san will introduce you to a ramen shop perfect for you while teaching you all about Kyoto Ramen and telling you surprising little known stories about one of Japan’s most famed dishes.

Who is Ramen King Yamasaki-san?

The leader of this tour is Sharing Kyoto’s editor-in-chief, lover of all things ramen, and Rmane King, Yamasaki-san.

You may be asking yourself, “who exactly is this co-called Ramen King?” So, we decided to find for ourselves in this short interview that delves into Yamasaki-san’s love for ramen and enthusiasm for ramen tours.

Mr.yamasakiWhat got you hooked on ramen?

The first year after I graduated from university, I was incredibly tired and stressed out all the time. One day, I happened to walk into a ramen shop that ended up being my saving grace. That unforgettable experience is what really kicked off my love affair with ramen.

What’s the appeal of ramen in Kyoto?

Kyoto is home to its own unique customs and culture. One aspect of that culture is the fact that people hate copying others, and that applies to ramen shops as well. This means that each ramen shop here develops and evolves in its own unique way.

It may be because of this, but one of the biggest appeals of Kyoto Ramen is the fact that there are so many new discoveries and surprises to be made that stretch far beyond just the flavors of the actual ramen itself. Another thing is, many of the ramen shop owners here are researchers of ramen themselves, not just business people. I believe that that’s another big reason for the fantastic flavors that you find in Kyoto Ramen.

Why did you decide to hold ramen tours?

Because I wanted more people from overseas to know just how amazing ramen is. Even within Japan, not many people know that Kyoto is, in fact, one of the foremost competitive ramen markets in the country. Although not well known, the city is actually home to a plethora of absolutely fantastic ramen shops.

So through these tours, I hoped that I would be able to have more people from overseas discover and learn just how amazing Kyoto Ramen truly is.

Hopefully, this interview was able to give you a sense of the passion Yamasaki-san has for ramen.

Below we have outlined how the tours will go.

Get stuck into Kyoto Ramen

First, all participants meet us outside the Sharing Kyoto offices.

Before we get to dig into any noodles, we’ll first learn about ramen from the man himself, Ramen King Yamasaki-san. This will be everyone’s chance to hear about everything from basic information about Kyoto Ramen to tips for enjoying the noodles that only a maniac, such as the King, would know.

Sharing Kyoto offices

Discover your perfect ramen!

After hearing from the King and deepening your knowledge of ramen, it will be time to let us know your preferences and discover your perfect bowl of ramen. Usually the King will take you, his new royal company, to Ginjo Ramen Kubota; however, if you have any personal preferences, the King will absolutely change the destination for the day to suit whatever kind of ramen you’re into!

Jump on this tour and gain a deep understanding of yourself and your ramen preferences, that’ll be indispensable in future ramen adventures!


Welcoming anyone and everyone wanting to discover authentic Kyoto ramen

So, how about it? Sharing Kyoto will be holding ramen tours every Friday from 11:00 AM that welcome both newcomers as well as hard-core ramen Otaku.

Many past participants have included solo travelers as well as female ramen fanatics, and of course, even those just wanting to grab lunch with some company too! So no matter what your situation is, don’t be afraid to join in the fun! The only thing you’ll need to worry about is coming on an empty stomach ready for some ramen!

We, the Sharing Kyoto writers, and the Ramen King can’t wait to meet everyone and get to share our love of the world of ramen with you as we chow down on some delicious noodles.

See what the tour’s all about for yourself and gain some unforgettable memories of Kyoto!

Tour Info

Date and Time: Every Friday from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (allow for around 2 to 3 hours)

Participation Fee: ¥1,500

Details / Bookings:

Sakurako[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
At first, I didn’t really have an image of Kyoto and ramen together. But as I listened to Yamasaki-san speak so passionately about his love for ramen, I began to feel that out of anywhere, you should especially be trying the ramen that’s in Kyoto. Talking to him also made it so I’ll never just pick whatever random chain ramen shop’s nearby again haha. Since you’ve made it all the way to Kyoto, it would honestly be such a waste if you went home without discovering what genuine Kyoto Ramen is. I’ll be hopping on this tour as the Ramen King’s assistant, so I look forward to meeting everyone then!
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