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The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Kyoto – A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

A showcase of cool coffee shops serving up delicious specialty coffee!
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Whether it be sitting down at a café and savoring the flavors, making a cup for yourself at home, or popping into your local for a mid-walk coffee break and some people watching, there are truly endless ways to enjoy a good old cup of coffee.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most welcoming coffee shops around Kyoto.

The coffee shops showcased below are all places that the Sharing Kyoto staff have personally been to and recommend with confidence.

You’ll find that all these cafes are not only uncompromising about the origins and roast of their beans but are particular about the setting and way in which their coffee is served too. Each and every single one of these cafes gives you the real sense that their owners and baristas have a true passion for their drink of choice, coffee.

After visiting a number of different coffee shops, I began noticing something. Truly great coffee will taste great to even non-die hard coffee fanatics.

That’s why we hoped to make this article for not only coffee lovers, but their coffee averse counterparts too.


HIBI COFFEEHIBI COFFEE is a small coffee shop at the end of a quiet alleyway 10 minutes’ walk from Kyoto Station.

Founded on the concept of “delicious coffee every day”, HIBI COFFEE is just that, a café serving up clean, straight-up delicious specialty coffee that you’ll want to be having every day.

The secret to HIBI COFFEE’s unadulterated flavors? Their small in-store roaster. Every day, this cafe painstaking roasts their own beans, allowing them to always be able to serve up delicious freshly roasted coffee.

Each offered in a range of roasts, HIBI COFFEE always has on offer a lineup of at least six different types of coffee. In addition, they also serve everyone’s much loved espresso-based drinks as well!

Located nearby are the beautifully Kyoto-esuqe Kamogawa and Takasegawa rivers, so if you find yourself on a walk down the river, take the opportunity to stop by and grab a drink at HIBI COFFEE.


SANTOMI CENTERSANTOMI CENTER can be found among the fashionable clothing stores of one of Kyoto’s best shopping districts, Shijo.

Sporting an upstairs art gallery, SANTOMI CENTER is more than just a coffee shop. With pieces from the upstairs gallery displayed throughout, this café is an art-filled space that nevertheless doesn’t compromise on the quality of its coffee. 

The cool interior isn’t the only thing this café has going for it either. SANTOMI CENTER is overseen by world champion barista Hiroshi Sawada and serves incredibly high-quality coffee. Not only that, you can also get a number of unique drinks that can only be found here, like the “HOMEMADE CHEESE COFFEE” and “SAWADA STYLE LATTE.”

With SANTOMI CENTER being a great place to catch your breath after a long day of shopping, or just somewhere to pop in to during a walk around town, it’s somewhere you’ll find yourself wanting to head back to time and time again.


MAMEBACOSituated on the corner of an intersection, MAMEBACO is a quant coffee stand only a two minutes’ walk away from the Marutamachi Subway Station.

The coffee at MAMEBACO can be characterized by its sweet flavors and round mouthfeel. This flavor was apparently a deliberate choice on the part of the roasters, as they were aiming for a cup that you’d want to enjoy every day, rather than something too wildly novel with too much bitterness and astringency.

Also, don’t forget to try one of MAMEBACO’s original madeleine cakes with your coffee as well!

Another great aspect of MAMEBACO is their staff.

Usually when you go to a coffee shop, you don’t really talk to the staff much outside of ordering, but at MAMEBACO, their lovely baristas aren’t afraid to strike up a friendly conversation with you. This little coffee stand sees people from all over the world come and chat about everything from the weather to their favorite movies, so don’t worry about it if you’re not up for a chat about coffee.  

For those wanting to take a stroll around the close by imperial palace or just wanting to have a chill coffee break and a refreshing chat, we highly recommend MAMEBACO.

Latte Art Junkies Roasting Shop 2nd

Latte Art Junkies Roasting Shop 2ndLatte Art Junkies Roasting Shop 2nd is located only a three-minute walk away from the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.

This coffee shop, of course, offers up delicious coffee made with in-house roasted beans, but what we really recommend are their lattes.

Owner and multi-time Japanese latte art champion, Onishi’s lattes not only look amazing but taste amazing too.

As this coffee shop is particular about everything from the origins and roast of their beans, to the temperature of the water used to extract the espresso, their lattes are of a quality like no other and feature a brilliant coffee aroma and rich milky flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you find yourself at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, then it goes without saying that you should definitely give this place a visit, but we’d even go as far as to say that the lattes here are worth making the trip out just to try. 




GOOD TIME COFFEE is a wee coffee shop located near the Kyoto Aquarium and Kyoto Railway Museum. As the store directly faces the street, as you’re walking along, you’ll begin to smell the delicious aroma of coffee, and before you know it you’ll find yourself being beckoned inside. 

The coffee here uses an original roast from IWASHI COFFEE, who own a roastery inside nearby Kinse Ryokan. Beans are offered in three roasts, light, medium and dark. The beans are ground with each order and each cup of coffee is carefully poured one by one.   

GOOD TIME COFFEE are most well known for their sandwiches, so if you get the chance, pick up one with your coffee and enjoy it in beautiful nearby Umekoji Park.

Yumemi[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
These are only a few of the great coffee stands that you can pop into any time and grab a great specialty coffee. Not only are these cafes perfect for coffee lovers, but they’re also in super convenient locations and excellent for those wanting to grab a coffee while sightseeing around Kyoto.
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