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Reservations at high in demand restaurants that Sharing Kyoto can make for you.

We will introduce our favorite restaurants from a variety of genres!
Reservations at high in demand restaurants that Sharing Kyoto can make for you.

Kyoto, a city of gastronomy, is renowned for its delicious and varied restaurants. Not only can you savour typical Japanese food such as Kaiseki, tempura and soba, but there are also plenty of Italian, French or yakiniku restaurants, as well as pubs, bars or cafes among which to choose from. You are sure to find a place that suits you!

However, because there are so many options, you may have a hard time deciding which restaurant to go to, and even if you find a good one, you may give up because of the language barrier while making a reservation.

For those in this situation, this blog will introduce a selection of restaurants that can be reserved through Sharing Kyoto. By applying for a reservation request in your desired shop’s introductory article, Sharing Kyoto will make a reservation on your behalf! Booking in advance will definitely make your trip smoother and more enjoyable! If there is a restaurant you would like to reserve, feel free to contact us now!

Wagyu Beef ("Yakiniku" : Japanese barbecue)

1Matsusaka Beef What's

Matsusaka Beef refers to beef from cattle that were kept in feedlots in either Mie Prefecture’s Matsusaka City or its surrounding area. Matsusaka Beef has come to be known as a high-end variety of wagyu not only in Japan but abroad as well.At WHAT’S, you can enjoy a huge range of dishes, including char-grilled yakiniku with various cuts of carefully selected Matsusaka Beef, in addition to Matsusaka Beef sushi and garlic rice.

While WHAT’S might look like some kind of bunker from the outside, the inside offers an interior unimaginably ...

2Pontocho Yakiniku Yamakawa Honten

Located in Kyoto’s lively Pontocho district, Pontocho Yakiniku Yamakawa Honten is a yakiniku restaurant serving carefully selected Kobe and Japanese black wagyu beef. Yamakawa purchases all their wagyu by the head, meaning that they can offer both thick and rare cuts at relatively low prices. Beef from Japanese blacks, or as you might know it, wagyu, is known for its tenderness, and deliciously fatty yet not overpowering flavors. In addition to wagyu, Yamakawa also offers Kobe Beef certified by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association! Retaining it's traditional Kyoto machiya feel, the refurbished...

Kaiseki multi-course Japanese cuisine


About 15 minutes’ walk south from Nijo Castle is this restaurant. Masaki is in a quiet residential street not far from the Sanjo shopping arcade, a place where locals come and go to shop. This inviting restaurant is run by a warm and friendly owner-chef. The chef has a storied career preparing kaiseki-style cuisine at Kyoto restaurants like Kodaiji-Wakuden and Mizuki - The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto...

2Another C

Another C is a restaurant run by chef Tominaga. The restaurant only seats eight people at a time! So getting to dine here is an exclusive experience, but at the same time, chef Tominaga makes sure that you feel relaxed and have nice, full glass of wine at hand.

Soba:Japanese buckwheat noodles

1Misoka-an Kawamichiya

Established in 1688, “Misoka-an Kawamichiya” is a Soba restaurant of old standing with a history of over 300 years. The shop is built in a Japanese traditional style of wooden architecture, called Sukiya style. Upon entering, you will notice the faint, pleasant smell of wood. It’s an old-fashioned Japanese style house that can rarely be seen nowadays. The menu mainly consists of a few kinds of Soba and a la carte dishes. We recommend that in the good old Japanese atmosphere at “Misoka-an Kawamichiya,” you first enjoy some sake and a dish of your choice, than order some Soba to wrap it up.

2Gontaro Kinkakuji

GONTARO Kinkakuji is a soba and udon noodle restaurant located near Kinkaku-ji Temple and Ryoan-ji Temple. This restaurant takes pride in the dashi stock it uses for its delicious soba and udon soup. The stock is prepared with great care using especially selected kombu kelp and salt to produce a deliciously rich flavor. We definitely recommend trying out the soba and udon noodles made with this wonderful stock. The restaurant also has a wide selection of additional dishes, such as rice bowls topped with yakitori or tempura. The wooden interior features the style of old Japanese buildings, offering a calm and relaxing ...

Yudofu(boiled tofe)/Tofu cuisine

1Nanzenji Junsei

One of the most famous foods of Kyoto is “yudofu.” There are many restaurants in Kyoto where you can enjoy yudofu, but Nanzenji Junsei, located right in front of Nanzen-ji Temple, is one of the best. The teste of the boiled tofu, or yudofu, here is an especially rich one, as they use tofu (made from Japanese soybeans) that is only used for yudofu. The dish itself was born right here in front of Nanzen-ji Temple, as a food item served at the many teahouses here. Nazenji Junsei’s yudofu sauce makes the taste of the tofu stand out even more. They have two courses for you to choose from if you just want to enjoy ...

2Yudofu Sagano

A short walk away from the busy Togetsu-kyo Bridge, on the premises of Tenryu-ji Temple, you can find the restaurant Yudofu Sagano in a tasteful Sukiya-zukuri style building. The restaurant has been offering yudofu in Arashiyama for a long time. On the 3000 square meter premises of the restaurant they have two buildings, the main one and the new wing, and while the two-story main building has a Japanese garden, the new wing has table seating. The beautiful Japanese garden is surrounded by bamboos and trees and is well taken care of, and you can look at it from the Japanese seating area of the main building...


Seigenin is a place where Shojin cuisine, or Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, is served inside of Ryoan-ji temple. Overlooking the beautiful garden, guests are seated on tatami floor in front of a very low wooden table. Seigenin is without a question not an ordinary restaurant. Shojin means “improving the soul.” Guests will feel as if they are being in part of peaceful and harmonious Buddhist way of life. Many visit here to enjoy the view of the garden especially in spring and fall seasons.

4Kyo-ryori Kodaiji Hashiba

Enjoy all kinds of yuba (tofu skin) dishes, all made using the best Japanese soybeans, at Kyo-ryori Kodaiji Hashiba, located close to Kodai-ji Temple in Nene’s Path. All their yuba is made daily at their own factory. But you can’t make nice Kyoto cuisine without the famous vegetables of Kyoto, known as Kyo-yasai. At Hashiba, they make sure that they can serve you the freshest vegetables by buying their vegetables directly from the farmers.

Chinese, Italian, French and BAR with Kyoto style


Cenci is Italian and means simple, plain, and unembellished. This could also be used to describe the dishes served at cenci; in a way, the dishes here are made from simple ingredients, but the magic is in how these great ingredients are cooked in such a way that you can enjoy their taste to the fullest. At cenci, the food is Italian, but it’s made with a Japanese twist.


Itosen, a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine is tucked inside Kamishichiken, the oldest Maiko Geiko district in Kyoto. It is a quiet area where locals reside for generations and are familiar with each other. Locals know this restaurant as a place for comfort and simply delicious Chinese food. Because many Maiko and Geiko of Kamishichiken regularly eat at this restaurant, the food served does not include strong spices in it thought retaining elegance. Within the simplicity are chef’s warmth, determination, and loyalty towards cooking that are shown through the dishes. Chinese cooking have its own particular style in ...

3Restaurant Epice

Restaurant Epice is located on the eastern side of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, a 6-minute walk west from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station. The restaurant is in a renovated Kyoto town house which was built over 100 years ago, and it specializes in authentic French cuisine with the spotlight given to local produce. For both lunch and dinner, the menu consists only of courses that change monthly.


Sitting in the shopping arcade of western Sanjo-dori, the notably cool looking GULLMAN is a Venetian restaurant specializing in pasta and pintxo. While only recently opened at the end of 2019, the manager and owner of GULLMAN, Mori, boasts a long history of working at Italian restaurants. Using his experience, Mori takes locally sourced seasonal vegetables and whips up a mix of Venetian classics and original dishes that include everything from entrees and pasta to the northern Italian bar snack known as pintxo. The style of GULLMAN’s food takes inspiration from both Spanish bars and Italian “bacaro” bars, which are ...


Beer Pub Takumiya is located in a small alley close to Karasuma Oike Street. The pub opened in 2015 and it offers a selection of 10 Japanese craft beers mainly from west Japan that change daily. Outside the restaurant is blue, but inside you can feel the warmth of wood. You can see the bartender chatting with the patrons; feel the nice pub-atmosphere. The dishes at this restaurant also all go really well with beer, and taste great to boot. So for those who like beer with some friends, there is no better place!


Customers are seen drinking with smiles on their faces enjoying each other's company when entering into this bar. French radio is playing in the background and joyous sounds of customers fill the air. The bar seems tight in space at a first glance, but underground floor is filled with additional seats. At ONZE, locals with groups of 4-5 people, tourists in pairs or those stopping by after work by themselves are often seen.


1Sarasa Nishijin

As you walk through the old door, colorful tiles that cover the walls will fill your vision. Sarasa Nishijin used to be a long-running public bath house and was renovated 2000 to give way to this cafe. If you’ve seen the film “Spirited Away” by Studio Ghibli, then you’ll feel like you’ve step right into a scene from the movie. What we liked about this cafe, other than its traditional Japanese atmosphere, is that set meals are available at any time.

2Mar cafe

Mar Cafe is located on the top floor of an office building, so at first, it may be a bit intimidating to enter the cafe. But the view! You get to see the Kamo River, Kiyomizu Temple, and to have some great food while you look at these classic sightseeing spots. The restaurant is famous for their Mar Burger, which they only make 10 a day, but the burger looks so good that you’ll often run into it if you search for burgers in Kyoto on Instagram. Besides this, their desserts are worth a special mention, as they are all handmade and have a really deep, rich taste, and because of this are ...

3musubi-cafe Arashiyama

The cafe is located near Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama, a famous sightseeing spot. Visitors can enjoy meals and sweets made with healthy, wholesome ingredients from Kyoto. Lunch with meat and vegetables is particularly recommended as it is filling and reasonably priced, but there are also vegetarian options available. The wood-based interior gives the restaurant a sense of warmth and openness. There is also table seating with sofas in addition to chairs, so it is safe for children.



“Kamal” is located on Sanjo Dori, a street full of clothing shops popular among young people. It's a very stylish curry shop that serves healthy curry popular among health conscious people. There are abundant varieties of vegetable juices and salads as well as vegetable curries. The interior is characterized by wood, and the restaurant has the atmosphere of fresh and clean environment. Also, the menu includes a curry dish with two flavors on a single plate, and you can choose the amount of rice from six levels, so that it can be adjusted according to your mood.

2Clay pot soup curry Ohmiya Seiuemon

Clay pot soup curry Ohmiya Seiuemon is a restaurant specializing in soup curry made with local ingredients that opened in August 2018 in Kyoto. The specialty of this restaurant is their curry that uses a mix of mellow bonito stock and strong, fragrant spices. You can top the curry with a meat of your choosing. The meat is all chosen carefully by the chef and it’s all locally produced. Each of the curries contains a lot of veggies so this restaurant is also popular among women. A lot of white and beige is used in the interior design of the restaurant, and a lot of natural light flows in from the big windows.

Shin[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
All of these restaurants are wonderful, so please make reservations through Sharing Kyoto !
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