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The top 10 most popular Kyoto events on Sharing Kyoto in 2017!

Many events small and big take place in Kyoto every month, but in this article, you can find out which were the most popular!

There are so many events that take place in Kyoto all through the year that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. There are the three main festivals, Aoi Matsuri, Gion Matsuri, and Jidai Matsuri, but there are also temple flea markets and many other kinds of events. Events are an important thing to consider when choosing when to come to Kyoto, so here are the 10 events that were the most popular on Sharing Kyoto in 2017!

10Ennichi (Tenjin-san)

EnnichiOn the 25th of every month, a flea market called Tenjin-san is held at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. All kinds of used things are sold at this event, not to mention the many food stalls that line the main path of the shrine. On the western side of the shrine, they even sell bonsai trees! The busiest market days are in December and January, Shimai-Tenjin and Hatsu-Tenjin respectively. 

9Hyakumanben Tezukuri-Ichi

Hyakumanben Tezukuri-IchiHyakumanben Tezukuri-Ichi is held at Chion-ji Temple, and at the market, you can buy all kinds of handicrafts, and even baked goods. So the people who visit this market are relatively young, but the market is also very popular; indeed so many people want to have a booth at it that the shops are chosen by lottery. This also means that you get to see something new every time you go to the market!

8Umekoji Park Tezukuri-Ichi

Umekoji Park Tezukuri-IchiUmekoji Park is very big, so this handicrafts market is also big and spacious, so it won’t feel crowded. There are many stalls, many of them selling unique items, so it’s hard not to stop in front of them and wonder at their wares. The market is held on every first Saturday of the month, and going early is also a good choice!

7Nijo Castle Art Aquarium

Nijo Castle Art AquariumArt Aquarium at Nijo Castle offers you a chance to see goldfish in their bowls illuminated by LED lights, and to watch them swimming gracefully. And because the event takes place at the historic Nijo Castle, the backdrop to these fish is breathtakingly historical. 

6Momiji Leaf Tunnel Illumination

Momiji Leaf Tunnel IlluminationThe autumn leaves season is a high season for sightseeing in Kyoto. There are even events that take place at night, like this illumination event around the tramline Eiden which takes you to Kifune Shrine. So beautiful! 

5Weeping plums and camellia festival

Weeping plums and camellia festivalBesides the cherry blossoms, plum blossoms are one sign of the approaching spring, and they bloom even earlier than cherry blossoms. Jonangu Shrine is especially famous for its plum blossoms, and during their Weeping Plum Blossom and Camellia Festival, the whole shrine is covered in pink. 

4Kodai-ji Temple’s Special Night Entrance

Kodai-ji Temple’s Special Night EntranceThis temple illumination is held in spring, summer, and autumn, and the illumination makes Kodai-ji Temple look even more mysterious than usual. The illumination of the inner garden is the highlight of this event. I never thought temples could be this exciting (and beautiful)!

3Enmusubi Jishu Festival

Enmusubi Jishu FestivalJishu Shrine is located right behind Kiyomizu Temple, and Enmusubi Jishu Festival is an event that takes place every second Sunday of the month. This shrine is famous as a place where young women flock to pray for a partner, and this festival is also about boosting your luck in finding a partner. 

2Okazaki Jikkokubune Boat Ride and Night illuminations

Okazaki Jikkokubune Boat Ride and Night illuminationsThis boat ride will take you on an exciting ride on the Lake Biwa Canal, and you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto from the boat. During the cherry blossom season, they also have nightly boat rides so you can enjoy the cherry blossom illuminations from the boat. 

1ROHM Illumination 2017

ROHM Illumination 2017The first prize goes to ROHM Illumination 2017! The city of Kyoto is illuminated by tens of thousands of LED lights at night, and the glistening lights of this illumination event can be seen again in December 2018. This event is a must-go for lovers in Kyoto. 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
There are so many events in Kyoto, some of them very traditional, but others modern, so I hope you’ll have a chance to partake in them yourself. Because of these events, Kyoto looks and feels different every day of the year. No matter which season you come to Kyoto, this old capital is sure to move your feelings!
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