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Up for some ice-cold beverages? Summers in Kyoto may be hot, but these five early-summer events are extremely refreshing!

Kyoto’s summers are hot already in May, but these five events offer a chance for you to feel refreshed in this old capital city of Japan!

May is hot in Kyoto, so you may feel like it’s a bit too hot! But don’t worry, there are many nice events that will help you feel cool in Kyoto. There are many nice events, like craft beer ones, beer gardens, and even tea picking events, all of which will help make the hotness of Kyoto feel more bearable. Even though May may not be as popular a season to travel to Kyoto as the cherry blossom or autumn leaves seasons, it’s still a great time to enjoy the starting summer and some cold beer! May in Kyoto is not boring, so let’s take a look at some nice events!

1Kitano Tenmangu Aomomiji Festival

Kitano tenmangu
Kyoto is famous for its autumn foliage, but the green maple leaves of spring (aomomiji in Japanese) are also something very elegant and beautiful. The brilliant green of Kitano Tenmangu makes the weather feel refreshing, almost cool. 


Walking on the shrine grounds, you can feel the beginning summer in the air, and the greenness of your surroundings is bound to make you feel relaxed. The first time I saw the green leaves here, I couldn’t believe how pleasant they were to look at, and how elegant the whole experience felt. 

2Tea Picking Event

Tea Picking Event
Uji is an area in Kyoto famous for tea farming. In Uji, you can also try your hand at tea picking at the tea farm Obubu. This event is held thrice a year, in spring, summer, and autumn. But the most exciting one takes place in spring when you get to pick the first flush!

green tea fields

The vast green tea fields seem to continue forever! A Japanese tea picker will tell you the correct way of picking tea, and you can even change to a tea picker’s outfit! I’m sure this tea picking event will become a lasting memory of your trip to Kyoto! 

3Kyoto Tower Beer Garden

Kyoto tower
Take a seat below the tower and enjoy the great night view of Kyoto while you drink some great Japanese beer and some nice snacks. 

SK staffs

They really do have a great selection of food and snacks to have with your beer! And besides beer, you can also enjoy wine, whisky, and sake; altogether they have 50 different drinks on offer! For kids and those who don’t drink alcohol they also have a nice selection of non-alcoholic beverages, so you can enjoy the event even if you don’t drink. 

4Craft Beer Festa Kyoto

Every May in Kyoto, you can enjoy over 100 different types of craft beers at the Craft Beer Festa  Kyoto which takes place in the always-busy Sanjo Shopping Arcade. 

Craft Beer Festa

Besides being able to drink all kinds of craft beers, you can also buy a lot of delicacies from food stalls. There is also live music and performances, so you can enjoy different craft beers while you listen to music, enjoy some snacks, and just have a good time! 

5Asahi Beer Garden

Asahi Beer Garden
This beer garden event takes place on the rooftop of the Takashimaya Department Store, and it’s held from April to the end of September. At night, the blue lights help transform this beer garden into something magical. 


The beer to this beer garden is shipped directly from the beer factory in Osaka, so you can be sure that your beer is as fresh as it gets. You also get some nice snacks to have with your beer, such as deep-fried chicken, Japanese green peas, and French fries. So take a couple of friends and go enjoy some Asahi at this beer garden event! 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
The hotness of May in Kyoto may leave you feeling a bit fatigued, but I’m sure that these events will make you feel refreshed! I personally really like beer garden events, as you don’t only get to eat, but you also get to drink as much beer as you want while you chatter on with your friends. Night in Kyoto couldn’t be better! So cheers, and let’s enjoy the night of Kyoto in May with a pint!
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