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The 4 Best Restaurants around the Kyo-no-Tanabata Festival!

This romantic yearly event is Kyoto’s “Kyo-no-Tanabata” festival. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best restaurants for after you’ve enjoyed the festivities.

Also known as the “Festival of Stars,” Tanabata (July 7) marks the day in which the two lovers separated by the milky way, Hikoboshi (Altair star) and Orihime (Vega star), are able to meet. On this famous day, you see will crowds of people writing their wishes on small, colorful pieces of paper and hanging them from the thin branches of small bamboo trees.

Kyo-no-Tanabata” is a collection of different events in August held all across Kyoto.

This article will focus on the main event area, the Horikawa River, and showcase the best things to see and places to eat in the area.

The Horikawa area is home to everything from Yuba (tofu skin) restaurants to wildly popular dessert shops, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Horikawa Walkway – Schedule and Highlights

Horikawa WalkwayDate: 2019 August 10 (Sat) – August 12 (Mon/Public Holiday)

Time: 6 PM – 9 PM

Area: Along the Horikawa Walkway (from Shimodachiuri Street to Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge)

Highlight One

Area of Wishes (Oshikoji street – Nijo street)

In the Area of Wishes, you can enjoy the romantic and fantastical atmosphere of the illuminated walkway of bamboo.

Highlight TwoHikari-no-Yuzen-NagashiHikari-no-Yuzen-Nagashi (Ebisugawa street – Takeyamahchi)

Using paper lanterns made from Kyoto Yuzen fabrics, the Hikari-no-Yuzen-Nagashi is a performance of both lights and water.

Enjoy the gentle display of lights provided by these beautiful, unique paper lanterns.

Recommended restaurants near Horikawa River

Honke Owariya HontenHonke Owariya HontenHonke Owariya Honten 2Located inside an old Japanese house, “Honke Owariya Honten” is a soba restaurant with a history stretching back over 500 years.

The buckwheat flour used is sourced from Hokkaido and gives the soba a chewy and delicious texture.

With its range of accompanying spices and impressive five-plate-tower, the Horai Soba is one of Honke Owariya Honten’s most popular dishes, beloved by both Japanese locals and foreign visitors alike.

OASIOASIOASI 2With a chic, cool atmosphere, OASI is an Italian restaurant with a bit of a spin.

Here you can enjoy a free-style of Italian cuisine which uses locally sourced Kyoto vegetables and doesn’t confine itself to any traditions.

OASI are big on seasonal vegetables as well, so are highly recommended by our team.

ZenKashoin ZenKashoin ZenKashoin 3ZenKashoin are a Japanese confectioner who have made themselves home in an old Japanese townhouse on Kyoto’s Muromachi-dori. Here you can enjoy a range of desserts while taking in the beauty of a traditional Japanese garden and ancient Japanese architecture. One of ZenKashoin’s staple desserts is their popular “Zen” – a round castella with a rich, yolky flavor.

ZenKashoin offer uniquely moist and delicious castella and are highly recommended to anyone who loves desserts.

Kyo-Yuba Seike NishijinKyo-Yuba Seike NishijinKyo-Yuba Seike Nishijin 2Kyo-Yuba Seike Nishijin are a yuba (tofu skin) restaurant that have made themselves home in a Kyoto machiya townhouse for over 140 years.

Here they use only domestically grown soybeans and offer umami yuba tofu packed with natural umami. This restaurant offer courses so you will have the opportunity to try dishes ranging from raw yuba-sashimi to Teppanyaki.

The gentle flavors of this Kyoto staple are sure to have you feeling refreshed.

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
As everyone knows, there are a ton of different events in Kyoto over the summer. But, there are none more recommended to couples and families than the romantic Kyo-no-Tanabata festival. The sea of wish covered bamboo trees turn the summer night into a scene of beauty and phantasm. After enjoying the festivities, head to one of the delicious nearby restaurants for dinner, and enjoy a wonderful night in Japan’s ancient capital.
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