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Kyoto Bread Festival 2019 at Kamigamo Shrine

We went and had a look-see at the bread bonanza that was the Kyoto Bread Festival!
Kamigamo Shrine

Kyoto’s beloved  Kyoto Bread Festival started in 2015 to cthe renewal of the Kamigamo Shrine. This year’s festival from Saturday, November 9 to Sunday, November 10 featured 12 stalls, each run by different popular bakeries or famous hotels. Next time the festival’s in town, why not grab some family or friends and have yourself a lovely doughy picnic at the World Heritage Site of Kamigamo Shrine?

Kyoto Bread Festival

Kyoto Bread Festival opens at 10 a.m. However, regardless of our 10-ish arrival, the stalls already had massive lines. The weather was perfect, however, so we didn’t mind waiting one bit. 

SIZUYAHeading through the torii shrine gate and turning right, we found Kyoto’s veteran bakery, SIZUYA. Here they were selling their famed pork cutlet stuffed katsu sando. Next to them were festival first-timers, Uguisudo, who were selling sweet red bean bread rolls. Using the leftover lees from Japanese sake to make the dough, the bread rolls had a surprising affinity with the sweet bean paste. But don’t take our word for it, just look at the massive line that formed.

The Yellow DeliHeading further into the festival, we found The Yellow Deli, a popular local bakery located on Daiei-dori St. Each and every piece of bread was lovingly made with Japanese flour and whole-grain flour. Also, regardless of the generous portion sizes, all the bread was reasonably priced, as well. As The Yellow Deli is quite popular, they also boasted a sizeable line. 

 Grand Prince HotelIt wasn’t just local bakeries either, even the Grand Prince Hotel had a stall.

BakeryBeloved local Sanjo St. bakery, Brother Bakery, had everything from tough bread and deli sandwiches to sweet dessert bread.  

sandwichesThere was a huge array of very Japanese deli sandwiches. Loved nearly as much as Japan’s original soul food, rice balls, these sandwiches are definite must-tries for anyone who hasn’t had them before.

coffee After making our way around all the stalls, grabbing the most tantalizing bread and ordering a coffee from Kyoto veteran café Inoda Coffee, we found ourselves a bench on the grass to enjoy it all. The cheese Danish we got had an incredible crispy texture and sent notes of butter dancing through our mouths. Then the umami of the creamy cheese hit and we were in heaven. As a wee treat to take home, we picked up the maple Danish from Fushimi bakery, ANDE.

Kamigamo ShrineAfter enjoying our picnic, we headed over to the shrine and paid our dues. While Kyoto is full of famous places, I truly believe there aren’t many that are quite as relaxing and welcoming as the Kamigamo Shrine. Our day at the bread festival and the Kamigamo Shrine left both our hearts and stomachs happy. 

Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
I was incredibly happy to be able to find so many amazing bakeries here. I especially enjoyed the strange feeling of eating bread surrounded by the wonderful atmosphere of the World Heritage Kamigamo Shrine. If you’re going in the following years, just know that it gets quite busy, so get there early if you can. I can’t wait for next year’s festival!
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