Aug. 17, 2021 UPDATE

Information on the Gozan-no-Okuribi Festival in Kyoto in 2021

Here's a list of Gozan-no-Okuribi events in Kyoto!
Gozan-no-Okuribi Festival

Due to the COVID‑19, various events are often cancelled in Kyoto.It was announced that the annual "Gozan-no-Okuribi" , held on August 16, would not be held as usual, but would be held on a smaller scale.

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The "Gozan-no-Okuribi" is an event to send back the spirits of the ancestors who came back to Japan during the Obon Festival.The five mountains surrounding Kyoto are lit with "Daimonji", "Left Daimonji", "Funagata", "Torii-gata" and " Myouhou".

In 2020, due to the COVID‑19, they reduced the number of ignition sites to about one to six each to avoid crowding, and the same scale will be used in 2021.

※The photos were taken in 2019.

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Vanessa[ Sharing Kyoto Staff ]
It may not look that much bigger than before, since it reduces the number of ignition points to about one to six. It's best to watch it on TV.I hope we can all go back next year to see it again!
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