May. 21, 2018 UPDATE

Kyoto Station: More than Just a Gateway to Kyoto

This modern station building may surprise you at first glance with a thought of it really being in the old capital city of Japan. The station itself went through a massive remodeling which finished in 1997, and it continues to boom with new shops services service to welcome visitors.

As a transportation hub, Kyoto Station is considered a gateway to Kyoto located about 1.5 hours away from Kansai International Airport by train and just 35 minutes away from central Osaka.

Many visitors will likely to come across this area at least once during a trip in Kyoto. Some will only zip through here heading out to explore further into the city. However, most convenient services are available here along with countless eateries and shops that you may want to consider staying and spend some time in the area. Basically there are two sides, Hachijo-guchi (Hachijo Street side) and Chuo-guchi (JR central gate side). There are underground passage ways along with many shops and eateries. Take a moment and get to know what is available in Kyoto Station!
Part 1Finding Dining
Many travelers are seen at Kyoto Station just arriving from a distant place, heading to explore further in the city, or trying to find their way to a next destination. One thing many travelers look for right after their arrival may be of a place that they can stop and grab something to eat. Satisfying a hunger may even be someone’s priority thing to do before heading out for …
Part 2Finding Shopping
With many remodeling and openings of shopping facilities throughout the years, Kyoto Station became one of the most convenient places to shop in Kyoto. Being the transport hub, many shops implement services suited for travelers. For example, many shops have staff that can speak other languages or have services that are attractive for those in hurry to catch a train …
Part 3Finding Fun Attractions
People tend to not stick around Kyoto Station for long especially with plans to tour the city. But if you find out about some places that are worth a visit, you may think twice about not staying! Either taking out some time out of your trip to tour the area or have some left over time before heading out …
Part 4Finding Useful Services
As a transportation hub, Kyoto Station offers services that are very useful especially for travelers. Multiple bus routes, city subway, JR Train, and Kintetsu Train all reach to this station. You will benefit from knowing these services and make your trip much more convenient! It’s also a great place to start on your exploration of Kyoto City by gathering information and …

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