Apr. 13, 2018 UPDATE

Enjoy out Matcha in Kyoto!

Matcha and Green tea have recently become one of the icons of choice favored by many health-conscious people, going as far as featuring in the popular latte menu of Starbucks. In recent years, Japanese tea has continued to grow its fan base around the world thanks to its healthy image and the great versatility found in its preparation.
Matcha (whole Japanese tea leaves that are processed and converted into powder form) has nowadays become more accessible and it is no longer used only for tea ceremonies. In modern Kyoto, customers are able to relax and drink Matcha at many Japanese confectionery cafes and the like, and it is also commonly used as flavoring for western confectionery such as parfaits and cakes (there is sure to be many people around the world whose favorite snack is the Matcha Kit Kat!).
Furthermore, Uji, the country's most prominent production area of high-quality Japanese green tea, is located south of the center of Kyoto. During the Kamakura Period (1185-1333), a Buddhist monk named Eisei brought over some varieties of tea from China. These varieties were then planted in the Uji area, marking the start of tea production in Japan. Here we will outline our special recommendations for places where you can enjoy a special cultural experience as could only be achieved in Kyoto, the land of the origins of Matcha.
If you fancy tasting exceptional Matcha tea as you enjoy the views of a Japanese temple garden, or if you are interested in listening to the trustworthy staff from a Tea leaf shop with a history of many hundreds of years as they share their extensive knowledge of Kyoto's green tea culture, or if you want to try a number of cute and delicious Matcha sweets... then we will introduce you to an amazing event that will give you the opportunity to stand in the middle of a large tea plantation, feel the trees and pick up tea leaves with your own hands!
Enjoy some freshly poured Matcha tea as you wish it to relieve the fatigue of your soul and body after your long travels.
Part 1Experiencing Tea Ceremony
Among those tourists planning a trip to Kyoto, there are no doubt more than a few people hoping to experience something special and unique to the area. Japanese tea ceremony, one of several Japanese teachings imparting the mindset and rituals of the traditional arts, …
Part 2Famous Tea Shops
In Kyoto, a preeminent area for the production of Matcha, or fine green tea, tea merchants in existence through the ages continue to operate. Their absolute reliability with respect to quality has earned them popularity. …
Part 3Pop 'n Cute Matcha Sweets!
The field of matcha has seemingly reached its apex, spreading to such confections as parfaits, Swiss rolls, shaved ice, ice cream, pancakes, and even Kit-Kat bars. With such an explosion of items, only the truly best shops are bound to stand the test of time. …
Part 4Tea Houses where Locals like
Lastly, we introduce four of our favorite Tea Houses as Kyoto locals. You can enjoy matcha tea and green tea at these locations. We won't be showcasing places that only locals go to, but rather shops that have stood the test of time, offering the same relaxing atmosphere and charm to everyone who passes by their doors, …

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