Apr. 13, 2018 UPDATE

Strolling like a local ― Okazaki and Nanzen-ji temple

What is your style when you are on a trip?
Some people devote themselves to visiting as many famous sightseeing spots as efficiently as possible, while there are also those who make it their life’s work to discover fantastic, cozy little restaurants tucked away on back streets, not listed in any guidebook, and share them on Facebook.
If you most enjoy a leisurely stroll while taking in the sights and local color, relying only on Google Maps, then Kyoto might be the ideal place for you.
I will be covering this time the area called Okazaki this time, and there are many spots where you can enjoy gorgeous seasonal scenery, as well as shops and restaurants favored by locals here and there, even though it is a popular sightseeing area. It is also one of Kyoto’s leading areas for art and culture.
Even in a hot area like this, there are a number of places that are especially worthy of a trip which I want to cover. In autumn, when Kyoto is at its most beautiful, these include the shrines and temple the locals proudly recommend, local specialties, must-see art spots, and dining along the riverside while taking in the seasonal views.
I hope you have a good time walking the streets amid the lush greenery and the sounds of the river. I also hope you have fine weather on that day!
Part 1A Golden Route for Seeing the Temples
This area, which houses Nanzen-ji temple and is situated southeast in relation to Heian Jingu shrine, embodies the true essence of Kyoto and is enwrapped in a dignified yet nostalgic atmosphere that will make you want to visit any season of the year. In the fall, when the tinted foliage is particularly beautiful, you will be amazed at the breathtaking …
Part 2Have you ever eat “Yudofu”?
If you’re starting to get a bit tired from walking around, and you’re going to have lunch in the area, then there’s something called “Yudofu“ that you should definitely try. We introduced Yudofu in Part 1. It has become well-known throughout Japan as a famous specialty dish of the Nanzenji neighborhood of Kyoto. It is a vegetarian dish which has been eaten for many centuries…
Part 34 places you must visit around Okazaki
As one of Kyoto’s leading cultural and artistic areas, Okazaki is naturally full of wonderful museums. Its history is rooted in Kyoto’s role as a cultural center beginning over 1200 years ago in the Heian Period. Visitors to Okazaki’s museums can enjoy popular traveling exhibitions from Japan and around the world, as well as special exhibitions unique to the artistic …
Part 4After-Stroll Dining and Shopping
Around 300 cherry blossoms bloom in the Okazaki area in the spring. In the summer, the running sound of brook waters in the area receding from Lake Biwa in the neighboring prefecture is comforting. In the fall and winter, the Okazaki area makes for a pleasant walking course which is never overrun by crowds as fallen autumn leaves cover the sidewalks …

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