Jun. 04, 2021 UPDATE
Exclusive Sushi Experience in Kyoto
Part 1

If you want to enjoy authentic sushi in Kyoto...

The origins of sushi can be traced back to the late Edo period. In the old days in Edo, people could order sushi standing in front of food stalls and finish it in one mouthful. This easy and carefree way of eating made sushi one of the ‘‘fast foods’’ everyone was familiar with. Naturally, ‘‘true Tokyoites’’ born and raised in the city are said to have impatient personalities. In the postwar Showa era, it was a common sight to see Tokyoites out drinking and ‘‘sushi shop hopping,’’ touring bars and sampling food as they walked around districts lined up with stalls. That sushi beloved by the residents of Edo (Tokyo’s former name) survives today as ‘‘Edo-style nigiri sushi.’’ Traditional Japanese culinary culture has been handed down to Kyoto, which contends for the title of ‘‘home of Japanese cuisine’’ with a wealth of restaurants offering exceptionally toothsome Edo-style sushi scattered around the city. There are numerous Japanese-style restaurants where you can chat over the counter with the friendly chefs while you enjoy the experience of tasting wonderful dishes with your eyes, tongue and heart as many times as you want, at your own pace, of course. "Formal but comfortable" is the expression that perhaps best describes the following sushi restaurants:
Sushi Matsumoto
We cannot afford to miss out this wonderful Michelin-starred restaurant which really has no need for introductions. Trained in Tokyo, the birthplace of Edo-style sushi, the chef uses traditional ingredients such as akazu (red vinegar). Its fragrance in the rice is the first thing many people notice thanks to the chef’s great skill in hand-rolling the sushi. If you visit even once, you will surely fall in love with not just the sushi’s delicious flavor but also the accommodating chefs and friendly atmosphere in the restaurant.
Sushi Yoshida
On top of being a great sushi restaurant, Sushi Yoshida prepares a host of seasonal dishes you can enjoy. It offers an outstanding à la carte service with in-season ingredients and the menu even includes nabe (hot pot). If it is your first time visiting this restaurant, you can let the chef know in advance what your tastes and budget are, and he will arrange a menu for you. The restaurant offers tables and private rooms so that you can enjoy group and family gatherings. Reservations are required!
Sushi Mizuki - The Ritz Carlton Kyoto
Opened in February 2014 inside The Ritz Carlton’s basement, this is one of Kyoto’s most prominent sushi restaurants. Opened in February 2014 on The Ritz Carlton’s basement floor, this restaurant has become one of Kyoto’s most prominent sushi restaurants. Sushi Mizuki is the sushi counter of the Japanese restaurant Mizuki. The chefs there—just like the hotel staff—spare no effort to make sure the visitors are having a good time. The fresh nigiri sushi served with perfect timing and the special sushi menu that you cannot have anywhere else are combined with the great service of the place making this a restaurant you cannot find anywhere else. You will surely not forget the time spent in this restaurant even if it is part of a long trip. With the wonderful sushi cuisine you can enjoy to your heart’s content, accompanied by lively, pleasant conversation with the chefs, so why don’t you pay them a visit?

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