Mar. 13, 2023 UPDATE
Exclusive Sushi Experience in Kyoto
Part 2

Enjoy conveyor belt sushi in Kyoto!

Next, I have everyone’s favorite, conveyor belt sushi! Conveyor belt sushi is popular here and abroad. The popularity of conveyor belt sushi must be because you can eat delicious sushi as much as you want for a reasonable price, and also that just looking at the sushi going round and round is fun! Of course it’s possible to enjoy conveyor belt sushi also in Kyoto. Conveyor belt sushi is an easy way to enjoy sushi, and these sushi places also have service in English, so here are four sushi restaurants where you can enjoy sushi on a conveyor belt:
Nigiri Chojiro, Shijo Kiyamachi restaurant
Nigiri Chojiro, Shijo Kiyamachi restaurant
Nigiri Chojiro’s Shijo Kiyamachi restaurant is the talk of the town and there is a line in front of the restaurant day and night. You order using the iPad on the table, and the menu is in English, Chinese, Korean, and even Spanish!

It’s easy to know what you are ordering at this restaurant.
This big fish tank is what you will probably notice first at Chojiro. This is something you won’t normally see in a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The fish that just until a few minutes ago were swimming in the tank are sliced into sushi and sashimi. You will know the reason for the deliciousness when you taste the fish; the freshness and the slight sweetness of it is something else.

This is a great sushi restaurant to visit if you want to have incredibly fresh sushi.
Sushi no Musashi, Sanjo restaurant
Sushi no Musashi, Sanjo restaurant
If you talk about conveyor belt sushi in Kyoto, the most famous restaurant would probably have to be this one, Sushi no Musashi, Sanjo restaurant.

This restaurant is so popular there is almost always a line in front of it, and it’s only a 5-minute walk from Keihan Sanjo Station, and also close from both Marui and Tashimaya department stores.
The best thing about Sushi no Musashi is that all their sushi is made by hand, not with machines! And to top this the price is reasonable too at 146 yen per plate.

This is one restaurant I want to recommend.
Uogashi conveyor belt sushi, Aeon Mall Kyoto restaurant
Uogashi conveyor belt sushi, Aeon Mall Kyoto restaurant
You can’t leave out Uogashi conveyor belt sushi right by Kyoto Station is Aeon Mall Kyoto.

At Uogashi they get their fish from the fish market so they always have fresh in-season fresh on the conveyor belt.
The restaurant is spacious and they also have tables for groups so this is also a good restaurant for families.

The restaurant is open until 10 p.m. so how about going for some sushi before you go back to your hotel?
Conveyor belt sushi in Kyoto is something cheap, fun, but also something that is delicious so you should not look down on it! All of the restaurants I told you about this time are easily accessed so how about having some sushi when you are out shopping or sightseeing? In the next part, we have sushi restaurants that have a really “Kyoto-like” feeling to them! Conveyor belt sushi is, of course, great, but since you are in Kyoto, how about some authentic Kyoto sushi? So in the next part we have just that!

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