Mar. 11, 2023 UPDATE
Exclusive Sushi Experience in Kyoto
Part 4

The best sushi restaurants in Kyoto for Instagram foodies

How about some sushi that is so cute you just have to take a picture and upload it to Instagram? Recently there are many Kyoto-like sushi restaurants that offer cute sushi that not only tastes great but also looks great in pictures. These restaurants are so popular there is often a line in front of the restaurant even before opening time. I’m quite sure the restaurants I have below all offer sushi you can only find in Kyoto!

So, time to take out your iPhone and open the Instagram app!
Gion Mametora
Gion Mametora
The first one I would like to upload to Instagram is this set of sushi! In the picture you can see the “Mamesushi” of the Japanese restaurant Mametora on Hanamiko-ji Street! The restaurant is also close to Kennin-ji Temple.

Mamesushi in Japanese means bean sushi, and like their name, the sushi pieces are very small. There is a breath-taking loveliness in the way these pieces of sushi are laid out in the square box.
The reason for why the sushi pieces are so small is also lovely: it is so maiko don’t have to open their mouths wide when they eat.

The restaurant is in a lovely machiya town house, and the atmosphere is very welcoming.
This restaurant, AWOMB, opened in 2014 and has become a favorite among Japanese women and tourists alike.

Since there is often a long line in front of the restaurant many women line up even before the restaurant opens.
The sushi at AWOMB is “temaki zushi,” in other words hand roll sushi, where you put the fish and rice on the nori seaweed and then roll it by hand. You can put as much fish and condiments in the sushi as you want from the wooden plate. The sashimi on the plate is so beautiful it’s almost a shame to eat it. This restaurant is prime Instagram-material! Although you should consider making a reservation before visiting.
Ponto-cho Kappa Zushi
Ponto-cho Kappa Zushi
Kappa Zushi in Ponto-cho is also a restaurant that should do well on Instagram, and it’s also a place I can recommend.

This restaurant is a bit more expensive than usual Kappa Zushi chain restaurants that offer conveyor belt sushi, but in this restaurant the sushi is made by professional sushi chefs. The fresh sushi and sashimi are both delicious.
kappa sushi
What really makes this restaurant great for taking pictures in are these window seats! You can look out at the beautiful Kamogawa River while you eat your sushi. At this sushi restaurant, during the summer months they also have outdoor seating by the river, called “yuka” in Japanese. You can sit on the yuka and enjoy the delicious sushi of Kappa Zushi on top of the Kamogawa River.
How did you like our feature article about sushi? Of course sushi has to be delicious, but in Kyoto, you can also feel the history, the beauty, and the skill of the sushi chefs in the sushi of these restaurants. I’m sure you can enjoy these restaurants in any situation, with your friends or lover, or your family. I hope you will enjoy sushi in Kyoto too!

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