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The Best Ways to Find Antiques in Kyoto
Part 2

When it comes to antique shops in Kyoto, these are the signature destinations!

Once you’ve experienced antiques at a range of events, your next step should be seeking out your very own favorite antique shop! In this section, we showcase five antique shops that carry the genuine article but are approachable and easy to make your way into.

Since days of old, Kyoto has been a city where a wide range of high quality items of all sorts can be found. Naturally, antiques are no exception. You may have an impression that the more authentic the antiques, the harder these shops are to get into... But think again! Kyoto has many shops that offer reasonably-priced antiques and are easy to get into. You’ll find lots of establishments that are suitable for anyone and everyone. Head to one of the shops below and you’ll be sure to develop a new love for antiques! We encourage you to find a new favorite and seek out cute and charming antiques with which to decorate your life.
Osugi Shoten
Osugi Shoten
This inviting shop is run by a proprietor who loves antiques and is super hospitable. You will find a range of ceramics, lacquer ware, and glass objets spanning the Edo through Meiji and early Taisho periods, and they are all priced reasonably. All it takes is to ask the owner about an item to have him unfurl a range of stories all about it.
While the antiques are of the finest quality, they’re very approachable. This shop makes it fun and easy for anyone to get into shopping for antiques.
Antique Belle
Antique Belle
While this is an antique shop, there is something intriguingly modern and stylish about its decor. They carry vessels from the Edo to early Meiji periods, as well as small medical gadgets and foreign antiques. There are lots of fun finds to make here.
Visiting this shop is like going to a fun and retro interior decor store, so it lowers the barrier for anyone to enjoy antiques in a fun and casual manner. The owner of this shop also runs a stewed foods restaurant on the same street. He plates his food there using antiques. In that sense, the owner of Antique Belle is genuinely passionate about antiques and about making them relevant to the everyday. This shop is definitely worth a visit.
Antique blue Parrot
Antique blue Parrot
This antiques shop is near Heian Shrine and carries a range of antiques from East and West. We might describe this shop as one of the more “casual” antiques vendors out there. They have intriguing European tea cups, light fixtures, and glasses, and then beautiful red lacquer ware and a range of other items packed throughout the shop.
The owners give you space and let you browse without feeling constrained.
The antiques run up all the way to the third floor, making it a blast just to browse.
Pro Antiques “COM”
Pro Antiques “COM”
This antiques shop is in the Sanjo area of Kyoto and occupies a 120 year-old restored former townhome. They carry everything from authentic Japanese antiques spanning the Edo through early Showa periods and onto antique tansu chests and other furniture. The shop resembles a stylish cafe from outside, so you would never guess that they carry antique Imari and Seto Mino plates, bowls, and other classic antiques.
What is consistent throughout all of the pieces is that they are all suitable for everyday use. Many items are reasonably priced and will intrigue everyone from antiques beginners to aficionados. A great aspect of this shop is that you can just drop in as you would at your favorite interior goods shop.
PASS THE BATON※Closed on March 13, 2022.
This contemporary vintage goods shop is located in the Gion district. This shop has a different feel from the four above -- the first floor has antiques, a cafe, and a bar space, while the second floor carries traditional craft goods and those made in collaboration with various companies.
This stylish shop has a unique atmosphere and is a treat to just pop in at and browse.
The cafe and bar area serves shaved ice in the afternoon and tea-based cocktails at night. Both are recommended.
In this section, we introduced five shops that will let anyone have an enjoyable antiques browsing experience. Antiques are not something to be intimidated by; we hope you’ll get a sense that they are high quality, great articles that are accessible to anyone.
Furthermore, you will find great retro-style shops in the streets of Kyoto selling second-hand books, antiques,and other art. You will find this area on Teramachi-dori, a street right off of city hall. Not only are there antiques, but there are also restaurants and shops selling souvenirs and gifts beloved by locals. Just walking the retro-styled streets, with their feeling of yesteryear, is a delight.
If you’ve come to Kyoto to sample the antiques, walking through Teramachi-dori is a must. Fun to shop at, fun to eat at, fun to browse! Teramachi-dori has lots to offer, and we’ll delve into detail in our next installment!

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