Jan. 23, 2018 UPDATE

Perfect guide for autumn leaves in Kyoto

Autumn in Kyoto means autumn leaves. The historic temples of this ancient capital are surrounded by red and yellow leaves, and in this article you can find out which of the temples are the best during the autumn leaves season in Kyoto.

I have for you four parts, each divided by how far the temples are and into classics and places off the beaten path.
Part 1Classic autumn leaves spot under 30-minutes train ride away from Kyoto Station!
There are so many sightseeing spots in Kyoto that it can sometimes be hard to decide where to go to. But worry not, for we are going to tell you about the best places to see autumn leaves …
Part 2More classic spots around an hour away from Kyoto Station
In part one, the temples were not too far from Kyoto Station, but in part two they are about an hour away from the center of Kyoto. The trip to these places will …
Part 3Off-the-beaten-path autumn leaves spots that are still close to the classic sightseeing spots!
All those famous sightseeing spots are great, but during the autumn leaves season they can get a bit croded. But fear not, there are also many autumn leaves spots in Kyoto …
Part 4Enjoy autumn leaves in places surrounded by nature over an hour’s trip from Kyoto Station!
The classic spots close to Kyoto Station and the minor ones off the beaten path are all nice, but maybe you would like to know about some places that are a bit further away …

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