Jul. 27, 2021 UPDATE
The first day of summer in Kyoto
Part 4

Cheers to beer gardens! ※Due to COVID‑19,it was canceled.

Beer gardens and summer go hand in hand. There is nothing as good as a cold pint on a hot summer’s day you can drink outside. Beer gardens have become a much anticipated seasonal event in Japan too, and now at beer gardens here you can try all kinds of beer and food, and there are some new stylish beer gardens too.

In Kyoto, the beer gardens start their business in May, just as the weather begins getting hot. In this article, you get to learn about the classics of beer gardens in Kyoto, but also about some interesting new ones!
Classic beer gardens where you can enjoy delicious food and cold beer!
Beer gardens, of course, mean delicious beer and food that goes well with beer! These are the beer gardens you just have to go to:
Kyoto Tower Beer Garden
Kyoto Tower Beer Garden
Kyoto Tower is a landmark of Kyoto, and on its 10th floor, there is a beer garden where you can eat and drink as much as you like with no time limit. They have Japanese, western, and Chinese food; beer, whiskey, sake, and other drinks!
Kyoto tower
You get to see Kyoto Tower illuminated by LED lights from below it, and spend a luxurious night out.
Asashi Beer Garden
Asashi Beer Garden
This beer garden is on the rooftop of the department store Takashimaya, and they have seats for 900 people, so this is the biggest beer garden in Kyoto.
Beer garden
The beer here is brought directly to this event from the Asahi factory, so you get to enjoy fresh beer with no time limit.
Out-of-the-ordinary beer gardens
For those who are not satisfied with normal beer gardens.
Kamishichiken Beer Garden
Kamishichiken Beer Garden
Every year at the Kamishichiken Kaburenjo Theater they have a beer garden where you can enjoy food and drinks served by maiko wearing yukatas.
Here you can enjoy a different, more Kyoto-like beer garden.
Hoshizora Terrace Cafe & Bar
Hoshizora Terrace Cafe & Bar
This event, Hoshizora Terrace, which in Japanese means “starry sky terrace” has been held since 2012 at the Kyoto Century Hotel.
This peculiar beer garden is trending among women who like astronomy, and even their cocktails are inspired by planets! Besides the drinks, you also get a chance to try telescopes and the “observation bed” for free!
For the hot summer nights, I recommend beer gardens. You can get rid of all that hotness when you drink your ice cold beer. Most beer gardens in Kyoto are open from May to September, so I hope you will go with your friends and say “Kampai!” to a summer in Kyoto!

In this article, we looked at all the different ways the people of Kyoto use to escape the scorching hotness of the summers in this ancient capital. There are no cherry blossoms or autumn leaves during summer, but Kyoto is still full of life, and there are all kinds of events for you to enjoy. Don’t mind the hotness; it just makes your experience in Kyoto all that much special!

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