Apr. 21, 2020 UPDATE

Kyoto - A Pink Wonderland of Cherry Blossom Spots

It's nearly that time of year again when Japan's ancient capital fills with breathtaking pink flowers and hordes of sakura seeking sightseers — the cherry blossom season!
No matter if you're traveling to Kyoto alone, with friends, family or are enjoying sweet sweet retirement, this feature will have something for you.
We have chosen some of our favorite cherry blossom spots and nearby restaurants so that you can enjoy this blip on the seasonal calendar and the magnificent ancient city of Kyoto to their fullest! Scroll down to find out which are the best cherry blossom spots in Kyoto!
Part 1Solo Travelers: The Hidden Cherry Blossoms of Unknown Kyoto
Recently, Kyoto has become a popular destination for solo travelers.
One of the biggest upsides of traveling alone is that you get to choose where you go and how long you spend there...
Part 2Couples: Romantic Cherry Blossom Spots
Although cherry blossoms are exceptional at any time of day, at night they take on a whole different, romantic ambieance...
Part 3Families: Heartwarming Cherry Blossoms
From babies to grandmas, everyone loves cherry blossoms! So when you come to Kyoto with small children, and maybe even grandparents, we're sure seeing these iconic trees will be at the top of your list. However...
Part 4Retirees: Relaxing Cherry Blossoms for Life in Retirement
After retiring, people have a lot of time for travel! And since you might have just spend a good forty years locked up in an office cubicle, it’s time to live life to the fullest!

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