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Kyoto - A Pink Wonderland of Cherry Blossom Spots
Part 2

Couples: Romantic Cherry Blossom Spots

Although cherry blossoms are exceptional at any time of day, at night they take on a whole different, romantic ambieance.
In the latter half of March, many of the temples and shrines in Kyoto are open late and hold romantic light-up events featuring illuminated cherry blossoms. While these events make for great dates, a day of cherry blossoms in Kyoto with your significant other wouldn't be complete without a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant.
But don't worry, because we've got you sorted. This article will look at not only the most romantic cherry blossom spots but the perfect restaurant to finish your night off at too.
Nijo Castle
Nijo-jo Castle
Kyoto's historic Nijo-jo Castle is truly humongous, however, nevertheless, when the cherry blossom season comes around, it's grounds fill will visitors. Every year, the castle also holds a light-up event from the end of March. While the event gives you the rare opportunity to see cherry blossoms beautifully illuminated in all different colors, it's also one immensely popular, meaning that it's best to get there and line up early!
At night
At night there are also 3D projection mapping shows at the castle, and you get to see very lifelike shows. This is a beautiful fusion of traditional Japan and the latest technology. And it’s also really romantic! Walking here with your lover will be an experience you won’t forget! The event also contains incredible projection mapping shows, which breathe life into the historic structures of the castle with their dazzling colors.
To-ji Temple
Toji Temple
Toji Temple is famous for its weeping cherry blossom called the “fujizakura” which blooms relatively early. From the moment you enter the temple grounds, you're able to see this and the numerous other impressive cherry trees that call the temple home. One of the sights at the temple that cannot be missed is the "fujizakura" cherry tree gently swaying in the wind in front of the temple's magnificent five-storied pagoda.
You should also look out for the temple's pond, as the reflection of the pagoda and cherry blossoms off the water makes it seem like you're peering into a parrel world. Much like with travel and how even after the excitement is over, you still have your precious memories, the petals of the surrounding cherry blossoms eventually fall, only to be caught by the reflective water and given a second life.
Maruyama Park
Maruyama Park
Maruyama Park is located just behind the famous Yasaka Shrine. It's open 24 hours a day and there’s no entrance fee. The park is most famous for this huge weeping cherry tree and crowds of visitors from around the world.
Under the cherry trees
A popular past time in Kyoto has been to grab some friends, a picnic blanket and some snacks from the nearby stalls and relax under the cherry trees. Maruyama Park is the perfect place to sit back with your significant other, enjoy a glass of wine or sake, and just take in your surroundings.
Rokkaku-do Temple
Rokkaku-do Temple
Rokkaku-do Temple is surrounded by office buildings but is still a great place for seeing cherry blossoms. From the temple buildings to the cherry blossoms to the offices towering overhead, there's something regal and dignified about the whole affair. Rokkaku-do Temple is truly a great, quiet spot for a date in the middle of Kyoto!
The illuminated cherry trees
The temple illuminates its cherry trees at night and even offers ikebana displays from Kyoto's famous Ikebono school of ikebana, which originates from the Rokkaku-do Temple! Both the sakura and ikebana of this historic temple have such an incredibly refined beauty that they'll stay in your memory for the rest of your life.
Fortune Garden
Fortune Garden
After seeing some of Kyoto's beautiful springtime illumination events, it should be just about time for dinner! And what better way to enjoy dinner in Kyoto, than at the French restaurant inside a grand early 1900s western-style building — Fortune Garden Kyoto. With a romantic, candlelit ambiance, there might not be a better place in Kyoto to end a perfect day with a loved one than Fortune Garden Kyoto.
From appetizers to mains and even desserts, everything at Fortune Garden Kyoto is delicious and classic yet unfamiliar. The restaurant also has a time-honored chic vibe that suits its incredible selection of wines well. If you're looking to impress, then there's not a better choice in town.
But what about all the families who come to Kyoto with kids? Where can they enjoy the cherry blossoms? If you're wondering this, then head over to the next part, Families: Heartwarming Cherry Blossoms.

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