Aug. 18, 2018 UPDATE

For Curry lovers, from Kyoto.

There’s no doubt that “curry rice” can be considered a Japanese soul food.
More than a few Japanese households have the tradition of eating curry rice on Sunday evenings, and many a curry-loving Japanese restauranteur has traced the same path of traveling to India — the home of curry — then returning to Japan to open a restaurant where they serve curries made with their very own recipes.
Curry, first brought to Japan by the British, underwent its own special evolution once it arrived on these shores, and has grown into a part of Japan’s own unique food culture. The abundance of varieties on offer, as well as the level of attachment Japanese people have to their curry, is truly something to behold.
Additionally, recognition of curry rice has spread throughout the world thanks to the advances of the Japanese curry rice chain CoCo Ichibanya to America, China, and Thailand.
There are many restaurants offering delicious curry rice right here in Kyoto, but it is our sincere hope that curry lovers from all over the world will try the selection we have recommended upon their arrival in Kyoto. For those of you who have never visited Japan but feel an incredible yearning for curry rice, for those of you who just aren’t satisfied with the “katsu curry” served in your own countries, and even for those of you who have never even heard of it (let alone tried it), we truly hope that you’ll enjoy reading this article. It’s been written with love by the curry lovers of Kyoto.
Part 1Door to rice and curry dishes in Japan
Curry and rice is a dish often prepared in home cooking; it can be found easily around the city in cafés, cafeterias, bento box stands, and the like. It is so well known that it could be considered as the star of the food service industry. All of us Japanese people love curry and rice. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, …
Part 2Cutlet Curry and other dishes
When it comes to katsu curry, and other dishes of the same family, one of the strongest points of Japanese people is that once they catch hold of something new, they will spend a long time devoting themselves to improving it until they are completely satisfied. This trait of being unavoidably obsessed toward something they love is also apparent in curry …
Part 3Kyoto’s Curry
If you are a fan of curry and are visiting Kyoto, you are in for a bit of luck. In actual fact, in this city, there is one new curry restaurant opening up its doors approximately every three months -competition here is fierce-. Some of the reasons for this is the fact that Kyoto is a student city with ma …
Part 4Ultimate Japanese curry
Japanese curry is not just curry rice. As was mentioned in Part 2, when the Japanese hit upon something they like, they have a tendency to explore to the extremes. Take the combination of curry and bread, curry and ramen, and the birth of small, portable curry packs as examples of this. …

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