May. 05, 2023 UPDATE
For Curry lovers, from Kyoto.
Part 2

Cutlet Curry and other dishes

When it comes to katsu curry, and other dishes of the same family, one of the strongest points of Japanese people is that once they catch hold of something new, they will spend a long time devoting themselves to improving it until they are completely satisfied. This trait of being unavoidably obsessed toward something they love is also apparent in curry and rice dishes. We have heard that in the United States and England, where curry and rice dishes are already continuing to grow in popularity, katsu curry is particularly popular. As mentioned in the previous part of this article, people can enjoy looking forward to choosing their most favorite toppings for their curry and rice meal depending on the occasion. This dish is amazingly charming in this way. In particular, the most popular toppings are deep-fried breaded foods such as pork katsu and chicken katsu. Other than this, people can also enjoy some vegetables, eggs, cheese, as well as seasonal ingredients, and more -the possibilities are simply endless-. In this part, we shall introduce four restaurants that offer amazing curry and rice dishes with particularly special toppings. We hope you will enjoy their delicious taste, impact, and beauty to the full.
Taiyo Curry
First we will introduce Taiyo Curry, a restaurant in Kyoto particularly worthy of recommendation for its delicious katsu curry. Although it is located slightly away from the center of the city, it is definitely worth spending a little extra time to get there. This dish looks almost like a French dish. And in fact, the chef at this restaurant has learned French and is also a sommelier. The restaurant even has its own wine cellar. The curry roux is made of red wine with a good mix of spices. The harmony between the roux, with its delicious spicy flavors, and the massive breaded katsu, is absolutely superb.
"It looks like a bird's nest!" When you are served at SONGBIRD COFFEE, you are sure to say something like this. Rather than having toppings, this curry and rice dish looks more like it has a proper design. SONGBIRD COFFEE is a beautiful café managed by a design office located in the same building, which is home to a number of shops and offices. It is located right in front of the famous tourist spot, Nijo Castle, so it is also highly recommended as a resting place when going to and from the castle. Here you can enjoy eccentric looking curry and rice dishes, the unique refined interior of a design café, and pleasant views from the windows.
Kitchen Gon Nishijin
Kitchen Gon Nishijin is a local run-of-the-mill western restaurant, but it’s here you can find something rather special on the menu. For those that see curry rice as curry with white rice topped off with fried pork cutlet for the finishing touch, the curry rice here may come as a bit of a shock. Fried rice is used in place of white rice, the fried pork cutlet is thin albeit delicious, and the curry serving makes for a generous portion. It may look like a pretty hearty dish, but it actually has a rather-light flavor. I really hope you will like it!

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