Mar. 13, 2023 UPDATE
For Curry lovers, from Kyoto.
Part 4

Ultimate Japanese curry

Japanese curry is not just curry rice. As was mentioned in Part 2, when the Japanese hit upon something they like, they have a tendency to explore to the extremes. Take the combination of curry and bread, curry and ramen, and the birth of small, portable curry packs as examples of this. The pairing of the most unexpected things has throughout time always brought about change. Discovering a new world of curry will surely add more color to your curry life.
Thai Curry Ramen Siam
Finding its miraculous match with ramen is Thai curry of all things! This restaurant, with its main store located near Kinkakuji, serves Thai curry and took it open itself to switch tonkotsu soup with Thai curry for a ramen dish with a difference. You may think it’s an odd combination, but the restaurant continues to be very popular with locals. To all lovers of Thai curry blessed with the opportunity to visit Kyoto, this is the restaurant for you!
Menbo Yamamoto
At this udon restaurant which is situated in one of the office districts, you can eat super-delicious katsu curry rice. But, it doesn’t come in a dish! It’s served in a donburi bowl over a mound of rice! Without exaggerating, practically every udon restaurant in Japan has curry on its menu whether it is curry udon, curry soba, or curry-don and so on. In all such dishes, a konbu or bonito broth is used to make the soup which provides a truly Japanese flavor and aroma. If in search of the world of “Dashi” or “Umami”, a curry dish in an udon restaurant is a must.
Coffee Togenkyo
The majority of customers that file in and out of this coffee shop are regulars from the local area. The coffee served at Coffee Togenkyo is brewed using a syphon which fills the place with a wonderful aroma. In addition to the aroma, the quiet background noise of the staff at work falls comfortably on the ears to create a pleasant, calming atmosphere. The owner’s extra-special curry rice is a treat, but what really shouldn’t be missed is the Curry toast with cheese offered only on the breakfast menu! The curry sauce together with a generous amount of cheese really stirs up an appetite.
ORENO PAN okumura Kyoto Station
When curry and bread meet here in Japan, this is what it results in -- a generous serving of thick, dry curry that’s wrapped in dough and fried until the surface of the dough becomes crispy and golden brown. Curry-pan has been a popular snack in Japan for many years and can be found with certainty in any bakery. Buy a curry-pan to eat as a snack on the go, or take one to the park for an enjoyable lunch.
If you decide you want to take delicious Japanese curry home with you, you should pick up some ‘retort curry’. ORENO PAN is operated by an old and well-known French restaurant in Kyoto that serves as tradition, a mini curry rice at the end of a meal. In order for customers to enjoy its curry at home, the restaurant has a line of retort pouch curry products that are also sold at ORENO PAN. With these, all you need is some rice to make a fantastic curry rice to enjoy whenever you like, wherever in the world you may be. Curry fiends from back home will also no doubt be over the moon to receive one of these as a gift!

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