Jul. 22, 2019 UPDATE

A Comprehensive Guide to Enjoying Yourself at Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri!

When we get asked about summer events in Kyoto, the first one that always comes to mind is the Gion Matsuri festival — one of Kyoto’s big three festivals. This festival is loved by foreign tourists and Japanese local alike, making it an absolutely enormous event every year.

The most popular part of the festival is the “Yoiyama,” which includes both the early part of the festival known as the “Saki Matsuri” and procession of Yamahoko wooden floats.
In our feature on the Gion Matsuri Festival, the Sharing Kyoto team introduces you to everything from the must-see events to the foods you absolutely can’t miss out on.
Also, as Kyoto gets boiling hot during the summer, we’ve provided some tips about the right clothing and things to watch out for at the festival.

Check out all four of our comprehensive articles on the festival and have a great time at Kyoto’s biggest and most exciting event of the year!
Part 1Basic Info
In the first part of our Gion Matsuri Festival series, we will outline the history and origins of the festival, introduce a schedule of events and let you in on some do’s and …
Part 2Yamahoko Floats
In part two of our feature on the Gion Matsuri Festival we explain about the Yamahoko wooden floats …
Part 3The Yamahoko Procession – a Parade of Moving Art Galleries
In part three of our feature on the Gion Matsuri festival, we will introduce you to the biggest highlight of the festival, the “Yamahoko Junko" procession of floats …
Part 4Gion Matsuri Exclusive Items
Every year, the people of Kyoto eagerly await the Gion Matsuri festival. However, most people don’t know that there are …

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